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Pet Owner Share Why Rabbits are Worth Keeping

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I wonder what it feels like to touch these chubby cheeks…

Soft and chunky with fluffy fur, with large round eyes and ears that stretch out – who can ever resist a rabbit’s charm. However, are they easy to be kept as pets? Many of you may be wondering, “What is it about rabbits that makes it so special?

A Twitter account of a happy-looking rabbit being gently petted in a video continues to gain followers.

The rabbit in the video is named “Ame-chan”. Ame-chan is a male rabbit of the Netherland Dwarf breed. You can easily assume that he would be friendly, but in fact, he is a ‘tsundere.’ Tsundere, as defined in Wikipedia, is a Japanese term for a character development process that depicts a character with a personality who is initially cold, stern, stoic, harsh, temperamental, hotheaded before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time.

Ame is not a very friendly rabbit, but more of an egotistical type of rabbit (laughs).

On this day, when the master mischievously stroked Ame-chan, who was relaxing at his feet, he was surprised to find that she was not upset at all.

Usually, when I try to pet Ame, she ducks and I only get to pet her when she’s in a good mood, so the time I get to pet her as much as I want is rather precious (laughs).

The master is very happy to hear this. Rabbits do not express their affection as clearly as dogs and cats do, but I am sure that they express their feelings in various ways. Recently, Ame-chan seems to be waiting for us to nudge her, which suggests that she is the type of bunny who takes her time to build a trusting relationship with us.

Ame-chan is waiting to be petted. Her hand is being sucked in…!
Warming up on mommy’s tummy…

Ame-chan and her husband met before he and his wife were married. They decided to adopt Ame-chan because his wife used to have a rabbit.

At first we were looking at different rabbits, but the moment we took one look at Ame, we couldn’t take our eyes off her, and decided to pick her up as if she was leading us.

Master says he fell in love with Ame-chan at first sight. Perhaps it was destined to become Ame-chan and her family. Recently, Ame-chan has added a new member to her family. He is a toy poodle boy named Hare-chan.

This is the first time I met Hare-chan, a toy poodle. I have a feeling they will get along.

When he brought Hare-chan home, the master was worried that Ame-chan might be scared of him, but she seemed rather uninterested, just as she always does. The first time I saw him he captured my heart. Hopefully we can gradually close the distance between us now and get to know each other better!

It’s twice as hard to take care of them now, but I’m enjoying every day even more with their different personalities: the fast-paced Ame, and the playful Hare, each with a completely different personality.

The owner said that he will treat them with more affection than ever before.

The snack dish is empty!
First prize for the girl with her butt in the air~♪

In general, there seems to be individual differences in the degree to which rabbits are friendly to people. Depending on their personalities, rabbits express their affection to their owners in different ways, and this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a rabbit.

Ame-chan casually snuggles up to you. If you see the happy expression on their faces when they are being petted, you will want to devote yourself to making them even more happy. We do hope Ame-chan continues to conquer the world and melt everyone’s hearts with his occasional adorable looks.

(You can see Ame-chan’s daily life on her Twitter account → @amenochiusagi. Or you can search for “Usagi no Ame” (rabbit candy)!

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