Anger at Hiroyuki still smoldering over Hollimon’s “extension of the dumpling incident”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Anger at Hiroyuki still smoldering over Hollimon’s “extension of the dumpling incident”.

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Hollimon and Hiroyuki have been at loggerheads since the “Gyoza Incident. Will their next two-shot be in the ring…?

Hiroyuki’s wife annoys me because she gets involved in all sorts of weird ways.”

Takafumi Horie, a.k.a. Holliemon, has made a provocative comment that could be seen as a declaration of war against Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki.

On April 3, Horie appeared in a live broadcast on his official YouTube channel to answer questions from the general public. One of the questions was whether he would have a martial arts match with Mr. Hiroyuki.

If Hiroyuki is coming, I’ll totally do it. He’s quite a big guy.

He remarked.

Hiroyuki then responded to this in his own YouTube distribution

Mr. Horie weighs about 90 kilograms, so I think the weight difference will easily break his nose. Moreover, if Mr. Horie wins, we might be able to make up, but if I win, he will resent me.”

He commented. He stated that he would consider it if he could drop down to his own weight.

Then, Mr. Horie said

I don’t have that much to say. And basically I’m not going to do it because there is nothing good about getting involved with Hiroyuki. More than anything, Hiroyuki’s wife is annoying. Gross.

He tweeted.

It all started when Horie visited a gyoza restaurant in Hiroshima and got into a battle with the restaurant over the wearing of masks, which caused a commotion. At that time, Hiroyuki took sides to support the owner of the gyoza restaurant, and Horie was further bashed by the public.

Furthermore, during the dispute between Horie and Hiroyuki, Hiroyuki’s wife also made critical comments about Horie on Twitter.

When Mr. Horie appeared on Mentalist DaiGo’s YouTube channel on March 27, he received a comment from an ordinary user, “Hiroyuki In response to the question, “I would like to hear your differences with Mr.

Hiroyuki’s wife annoys me because she gets involved with me in weird ways.”

He criticized his wife more than Mr. Hiroyuki. Furthermore

The shopkeepers were strange.” Hiroyuki knows that the people at the store are weird.”

Looking back, it was “the biggest flame war on SNS,” and he revealed that he still does not feel good about the owner of the gyoza restaurant.

Hiroyuki’s wife also took to Twitter after being named by Horie

I hope the proceeds from the match will be donated to the gyoza restaurant because it’s really annoying that Mr. Horie can’t make up with Hiroyuki-kun, so he keeps shifting the subject and saying I’m annoying in various distributions to vent his frustration.

I wish the proceeds from the match would be donated to the dumpling shop. Then, Mr. Horie also posted

He is a funny guy no matter where he goes. He’s irredeemable.

He tweeted in defeat.

I have a feeling that Hiroyuki feels more inclined to make up with Horie than the other way around. From Mr. Horie’s point of view, he seems to have shunned him, saying he no longer wants to be involved.

However, if they can make weight adjustments and make it happen, it will surely be a match that will attract the attention of all of Japan. Hiroyuki says he would consider a one-minute martial arts match event called “Breaking Down” hosted by Mirai Asakura.

Horie’s resentment over the dumpling restaurant fire, and Hiroyuki’s manliness? I wonder if the day will ever come when we will be able to see – and hear – the “real thing”.

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