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Raising Multi-Talented actress Hikaru Takahashi Turns Head in a White Lace Dress

Appearing in a pure white lace dress at a movie event From NHK historical drama to variety show

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Takahashi is 165 cm tall and wears long dresses. In her private life, she often wears girly dresses.

I’m Hikaru Takahashi, and I play the role of the heroine, Totoko!

Actress Hikaru Takahashi (20) appeared at a pre-release event for the movie “Osomatsu-san” in a sparkling white lace dress. Takahashi

won the Grand Prix at the “14th All Japan National Bishoujo Contest” in 2014. In 2017, she won an audition for about 200 people, and she appeared in the NHK TV drama “Naotora: The Lady of the Castle”.

When she first debuted, Takahashi told everyone she wanted to be like Ayame Goriki, who could act, model, and dance. In fact, she has appeared in a number of TV dramas, such as the Taiga Drama and “My Skirt, Where’d It Go? (NTV), she emerged as the next breakout actress and became an exclusive model for the women’s magazine Ray (Shufunotomo) in 2006. She also loves radio and professes to be a fan of Audrey. She also said she wanted to be a star.” said a source in the entertainment industry.

Her character, who speaks in a Kansai dialect when she loses her temper, was well received, and her appearances on variety shows increased rapidly in 2008. She also appeared in the movie “Osomatsu-san,” playing the role of a childhood friend who powerfully lectures the NEET Roppongi.

The dream of a young actress who have three different hobbies, acting, modeling, and variety shows, has only just begun.

Hikaru Takahashi attends an event before the release of the movie “Osomatsu-san
Hikaru Takahashi attends “Osomatsu-san” pre-release event.
Hikaru Takahashi attends “Osomatsu-san” pre-release event.

From the April 1 and 8, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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