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Ichikawa Ebizo’s Apology to Maya Kobayashi Reveals “Another Family Affair

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Ebizo Ichikawa cycling with Kangen-kun. The “Danjuro Succession” has been postponed…

Maya Kobayashi, the sister-in-law of Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo, has been confessing her dissatisfaction and anger toward him on her blog and YouTube since March 21, and while the situation has calmed down somewhat with Ebizo’s partial apology on March 30, there has actually been another ongoing family feud.

In fact, there was another ongoing family feud between Ebizo and his mother, Kimiko Horikoshi.

The matter came to light in June last year. Weekly magazine “Josei Jishin” and “Josei Jishin” reported that Ebizo’s family home had been sold and had already been demolished. The family had become insulated from Kijiko, who had opposed the sale.

And now, among Maya’s various revelations about Ebizo, it has come to light that Maya’s mother is taking care of Ebizo’s eldest daughter, Reicho, and eldest son, Kangen, who lives with Ebizo and his family. Once again, the focus seems to have turned to the feud between Ebizo and Kimiko.

According to “NEWS POST SEVEN” distributed on the 28th, the two are still insulated and do not keep in touch with each other.

However, Kimiko is the wife of Ebizo’s father, Danjuro Ichikawa XII, and a leading figure in the Kabuki world who has been in charge of “Naritaya” since the death of Mao Kobayashi (aged 34). She is a major figure in the Kabuki world and has been in charge of Naritaya since the death of Kobayashi Mao (34). She is absolutely indispensable for the postponed “Ichikawa Danjuro XIII Shirasaru’s performance.

In the Kabuki world, it has long been said that actors devote themselves to their craft, and that their wives are responsible for dealing with patrons and selling tickets. In other words, whether a performance is successful or not depends largely on the ability of the “Okami-san” (the wife). Currently, the manager of Ebizo, the banto-san, is in charge of all behind-the-scenes work, but compared to Kimiko, there is no denying that the actor is inadequate.

In ’10, Ebizo was assaulted by a member of the Kanto Rengo at a members’ bar in Nishiazabu, Minato-ku. The so-called “Ichikawa Ebizo Assault Incident,” and it was Kimiko who took care of the aftermath.

As Mao was upset, Kimiko immediately went from door to door with folded presents to her family and friends to apologize for the incident. Even before that, Ebizo, who had bad behavior, had caused many problems, but it was her who was running around every time.

The son and mother are insulated from each other. There seems to be no doubt that the “Danjuro succession” is overshadowed not only by the Corona disaster but also by the “disconnection between son and mother. A source close to Shochiku is unanimous.

Ebizo has completely turned Shochiku into his enemy. Therefore, Shochiku, which should be acting as mediator between the two, has decided to turn a blind eye. In the first place, Shochiku was furious with Ebizo’s behavior of continuously disclosing his private life, although he has been continuing his blog as a successor to Mao’s will.

Recently, he has continued to live-stream on TikTok every day, and as a result, a women’s magazine has reported on him picking up women on social networking sites. Ebizo’s bottomless appetite for all things Kabuki has led some inside the company to say, ‘I’ve reached the end of my patience.

Moreover, as some reports indicate, Ebizo is planning to bring Reicho to the Kabuki-za stage. Some people are said to have rejected this attempt to drastically change the tradition of “no women allowed on the stage.

In the Kabuki world, Naritaya is so prestigious that it is known as the “Ichikawa Soke,” and after Danjuro’s death, the only person who could speak up for Ebizo would be Kizuko. However, Kisiko’s silence has left the Kabuki world at the mercy of Ebizo.

This undoubtedly caused the current uproar. However, once the date for the presentation of the succession is set, Kimiko will probably come out after all. Even though they are insulated, Ebizo seems to be taking a hawk’s-eye view that she will fold. This ‘naivete’ is probably the root of everything.

If Ebizo is not stopped in this area, the Kabuki world is going to be in real trouble–and the Kabuki world is in real trouble.

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