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Surprising No. 1 in “Female Celebrities I’d Like to Travel by Rail with” Survey Results

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A relaxing train trip in the spring scenery. What kind of celebrity would you like to go with? The Railway Trend Research Institute, which conducts research and surveys on railroads, conducted an online survey on March 5-6, 2022, on “celebrities with whom you would like to enjoy a train trip” and obtained responses from 285 men and women from all over Japan. This time, we introduce the female celebrity section.

Comedian Asako Ito came in first place. Ito got her breakthrough with her material in which she plays the role of Asakura Minami, the heroine of the manga “Touch. With her cheerful and uninhibited character, she has been on location all over the world for “Sekai no Hatto de Itte Q! (NTV). He has also traveled extensively in Japan, including a popular travel show in which he teamed up with actress Rino Katase.

Yes, I can see why (Photo: AFLO)

I think he will be able to give us information on train travel because he is interesting and experienced” (Tochigi Prefecture / 40s / Female).

Support from women was especially strong, with one woman saying, “I’m sure he knows all about the sorrows of women in their 40s” (Nagasaki Prefecture / 40s / Female), and several others wishing to discuss women’s lives with Ito.

In second place was model Sayo Ichikawa. Known for her love of trains, Ichikawa has appeared on many train programs, including “Tamori Train Club” on “Tamori Club” (TV Asahi). She has gained popularity for her core knowledge and deep love of trains, which is a big gap between her good looks and the rest of her personality.

She is one of the few female railroad geeks, so I hope she will tell us maniacal and fun stories” (Nagasaki Prefecture / 40s / Male), “I thought she was interesting in the railroad fan club on ‘Ametalk'” (Aichi Prefecture / 10s / Male), “She is a railroad enthusiast and a beautiful woman, so I hope we can enjoy just traveling with her” (Kagoshima Prefecture / 40s / Male). (below/female),” and other votes were received from both men and women.

In addition to trains, Ichikawa professes to have many other hobbies, including anime and sumo wrestling. Many people also found his deep human side appealing.

In third place was actress Haruka Ayase. Ayase is a nationally known actress who has earned the reputation as a “healing actress” with her calm atmosphere and character. Her healthy image nourishes the hearts of Japanese people, as evidenced by the fact that she was voted No. 1 among celebrities who are considered healthy and beautiful (Daiwa Next Bank).

It’s not just limited to train travel, though… (AFLO)

When asked why they voted for Ayase, support from those who want to take a train ride in a relaxed atmosphere with Ayase included, “She has a cheerful and healing image, so I think I can have a relaxing and enjoyable train trip” (Tokyo / 40s / Female) and “I think she will genuinely enjoy even the smallest things” (Ibaraki Prefecture / 40s / Male) The results were impressive.

She is loved not only as a healer, but also as a natural, innocent character. Some gentlemanly comments included, “I would like to lead Ayase, who has a natural image, when she is changing trains.

In fourth place was actress Reina Matsui. Matsui, a former member of SKE48, has come out as a train fan since her idol days and has appeared in many train programs. She has a unique presence, and her vote was cast for her.

One said, “She has a wealth of knowledge about trains, so I want her to talk about the good points of the trains” (Miyagi Prefecture / 20s / Female). (Male) were also passionate about the project.

In fifth place was actress Yui Aragaki. She has appeared in numerous hit movies and charmed the audience with her cute and cuddly appearance. She is a regular on the popularity ranking list, having been voted No. 1 in the “Female Talent Supported by Generation Z” survey (Architekt survey).

Even if heaven and earth are turned upside down… (AFLO)

Support from men was especially strong, with comments such as “It will be a great time” (Aichi Prefecture / 20s / Male) and “I want to enjoy it like a date” (Tochigi Prefecture / 50s / Male). Another said, “I want to hear about Gen Hoshino” (Miyagi Prefecture / 30s / Female), since she surprised the public with her surprise marriage to actor Gen Hoshino last year.

After No. 6 were Sayuri Yoshinaga, Satomi Ishihara, Yuriko Ishida, and others. One respondent chose Loco Solare, the Japanese women’s curling team for the Beijing Olympics, because “the story is interesting and I never seem to get tired of it,” and several popular figures received votes.

With the coming of spring, the scenery from the car windows is becoming more colorful. The number of new cases of the new coronavirus is decreasing in many places, and the day when we can enjoy train travel with peace of mind is just around the corner. We are all ready to go!

Interview and text: Kanako Higashi (Director, Railway Trend Research Institute)

  • Interview and text Kanaiko Higashi

    Director, Railway Trend Research Institute

  • Photo AFLO

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