With all the Exposure and Late Response, TKO Takayuki Kinoshita Careers Continue to go Downhill | FRIDAY DIGITAL

With all the Exposure and Late Response, TKO Takayuki Kinoshita Careers Continue to go Downhill

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Takayuki Kinoshita has dried up since the plastic bottle incident and is far from his prime. He continues to be exposed by youtubers.

The “exposé-style YouTube star” Yoshikazu Higashitani’s bitter comments about Takayuki Kinoshita of TKO have become a topic of conversation.


Higashitani was furious with Kinoshita on March 31. The incident began with a video posted on Higashitani’s subchannel on March 24. Higashitani began to talk about what he had heard from others.


Kinoshita’s work had plummeted due to the “PET bottle incident” in which he threw a PET bottle at a junior comedian in an act of power harassment. One day, he showed up at the Red Cross with the president of an acquaintance in tow and offered to donate 1 million yen. At that time, Kinoshita pleaded with the Red Cross office staff to tell the media that he had donated 1 million yen, but the Red Cross refused, saying, “We cannot do that.”

Kinoshita then said, “If that’s the case, I won’t donate,” and took back the one million yen he had offered and left. The source of the one million yen was also an acquaintance of Kinoshita’s who was supporting his comeback.

On the day this revelation was posted on the Garcy subchannel, Kinoshita did a live broadcast on his YouTube channel and watched with ordinary users to see what he would be exposed to. After being exposed, Kinoshita made excuses, but did not explicitly deny it on the spot.


During the live broadcast, Higashitani himself came down to the chat room and jokingly teased Kinoshita, saying, “If you’re a comedian, be funny back.”

“Higashitani-san’s subchannel is basically a place for him to talk about his good memories with the talent,” said Kinoshita. In a sense, Kinoshita-san’s revelation was also a funny story. When Ms. Kinoshita was live-delivering, he promised to collaborate with him on the chat and seemed to hit it off with an old friend.

However, things changed abruptly. Higashitani further revealed that he later received a “tip-off” from a fan. It is said that Kinoshita had dinner with several people at a sushi restaurant after the live broadcast, and that he was there bad-mouthing Higashitani. A fan who happened to be there reported the incident to Mr. Higashitani.


There is no way to confirm the truth of this, but Kinoshita later posted on his Twitter page

“I wonder why everyone trusts what a swindler says. This is brainwashing.”

Although he did not name names, we are almost certain who he was referring to Higashitani (Kinoshita has since deleted this post). When the magazine Josei Jishin directly asked Kinoshita about the truth of the matter, he replied, “I don’t know.”

I’m not going to let you turn a story about 0 into 10.

I’m just embarrassed…I’m surprised that they are talking about 100% zeros…

He responded. Mr. Higashitani responded that he had said complete and utter bullshit.

Based on this, Mr. Higashitani was furious with Kinoshita on the 31st. In fact, after the series of incidents, he received a DM from Kinoshita apologizing for saying “I’m sorry for saying bad things about you.”

At first, Kinoshita did not strongly deny it, but later, fearing that his reputation might be damaged if word of the donation got out, he shifted his position to denounce Higashitani. He answered that it was a complete lie to the weekly magazine’s direct question, but I think he secretly apologized by DM, fearing the retaliation that an angry Higashitani might expose him further after this. It seems that there was a lot of conflict, but it all backfired.

Incidentally, when asked about Kinoshita by a general user on YouTube, Prince Aojiru also revealed that they used to go out for dinner together. He said that he taught him about “virtual currency,” but when Prince Aoshiru had a tough time, he unfollowed him on social networking sites and they became estranged.

He said, “I don’t hold this against him at all, and I think it’s only natural, given his image as a celebrity and the circumstances at his office.”

In addition, he states that

“I thought he was a shallow human being, so I haven’t seen him since.”

I spoke to him.

Starting with the plastic bottle incident, Kinoshita has been the subject of many bad rumors. His YouTube views have been sluggish, but will he ever see the light of day again as a comedian?

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