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The Cutest Pomeranian Looks Like God of Cotton Candy!

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Suddenly, an interesting yet divine figure appears (image courtesy of a dog with floppy-eyes (Pomeranian)).

Before evening, when the western sun shone in the room, I woke up from a nap to find the god of cotton candy standing there. No, if you look closely, is it a dog?

Posted on Twitter was Rei, a Pomeranian who shines white in the sunlight. He is now 6 years old. The surrealistic divinity of the image has received a lot of likes! The “K” series has been attracting a lot of attention.

Combined with the dull, goggle eyes, it’s a very strange expression! According to Rei’s master (@dog with a pair of sauced-eyes (Pomeranian)), the photo was taken by a series of coincidences.

“I was shooting with my iPhone, and no matter how many times I tried to focus on other parts of the image, the white would immediately jump out, and this is what happened. I thought the dog’s face was funny, so I tweeted it.”

Indeed, it would be sobering to see photos like this lined up in the camera roll. Pomeranians are known for their large, round eyes, but Rei’s small, round eyes are a unique and charming feature! His tasteful face has many fans and he is popular with over 20,000 followers.

Smiling and sleepy…. who enjoys playing balls with all her might (?) (image courtesy of  dog with floppy-eyes (Pomeranian)).

Rei lives in Hachijojima! On Twitter, we have posted many images of Rei blending in with the great nature of Hachijojima. There are also a few surrealistic tweets here and there, like the photo at the beginning of this article, which makes us feel a little bit warm and fuzzy.

That smile is as big as Hachijo-fuji’s! (Image courtesy of dog with floppy-eyes (Pomeranian))
She is very good friends with her 2-year-old daughter… (Image courtesy of dog with floppy-eyes (Pomeranian))
Snacks with a rainbow of nature in the background… so informative! (Image courtesy of dog with floppy-eyes (Pomeranian))
Rei, who looks ennui when photographed with the sun setting over the ocean in the background (image courtesy of dog with floppy-eyes (Pomeranian))
The waves have caught up with me… (Image courtesy of the dog (Pomeranian) with the big eyes)
You’re looking beach-boys-esque! (Image courtesy of Taree’s Dog (Pomeranian))

Surrounded by the love of her family and the rich nature of Hachijojima, Rei always looks her best. We are sure that she will continue to give people a lot of peace.

(You can follow Rei-chan’s daily life on her Twitter account @Pomeranian2015. Or you can search for “dogs with floppy eyes (Pomeranian)”!

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