After a huge fight, he was badly injured. ……! Prince Aojiru, “Amazing Scars Immediately After a Losing Battle” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

After a huge fight, he was badly injured. ……! Prince Aojiru, “Amazing Scars Immediately After a Losing Battle”

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At home. He says his body is recovering.

I was confident that I could win. I was confident that I could win. I have no doubt about that.”

So says Yuta Misaki, 33, a business owner and “Aojiru Oji,” who boasts some 780,000 subscribers as a You Tuber. He participated in the martial arts event “BreakingDown” (March 21), for which Mirai Asakura (29) served as special advisor. He fought Satoru Kubota (26), nicknamed “Aizu’s legendary brawler,” but lost a 2-1 decision.

I was happy to be given the main event, even though it was a short one-minute, one-round fight. However, there had been no KOs until my fight, so I was under pressure to make it exciting. I had many strategies and simulations in place, but I think the reason I lost was that the distance was closer than I expected, and I wasn’t able to carry out the fight the way I wanted to.”

His eyes still have painful bruises.

Misaki looks back on the fierce battle, striking head-on with a pained expression that leaves blue bruises on his face. It was the first time in his life that he had faced defeat.

I was proud that I had always won in my life, including in management,” he said. I have never lost a fight. I was worried about what the world and my supporters would think of me if I lost.

Misaki, who was confident, challenged his opponent Kubota, saying, “If you buy it from me, I will give you a Jeep,” but it turned out to be true.

I gave him the jeep as promised. On top of that, my nose was broken. I am scheduled to have surgery for a fracture of the orbital floor of my left eye. But it’s not all about what I lost. Instead of the jeep I gave away, I bought a 30 million yen Mercedes Benz, and my YouTube subscriber count has increased by 6,000. The best part is what the people who watched the games said. Many people thought that rich people were just pompous and high-minded, but many of them said, ‘I was struck by your attitude to challenge. ‘ It was the first time I had received praise in this way.”

Misaki’s goal is to create a “new image of management. His participation in martial arts is part of that goal.

I want to convey to young people that managers are cool. When I was young, there were no managers whom I could respect. That’s why I want to show them how I am challenging myself in various things while being a manager. I think there is probably no manager who puts his/her body on the line more than I do (laughs). This year, I’m just going to keep challenging myself.

He was covered in scars, but his face was radiant.

Misaki’s challenge continues: ……
  • Photo Shinji Hamasaki Interview and text Masaki Okada

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