Shinohara and Yonekura… “Those who raised their ratings and those who lowered them” in Netflix productions. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shinohara and Yonekura… “Those who raised their ratings and those who lowered them” in Netflix productions.

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The Netflix drama “Goldfish Wife,” starring Ryoko Shinohara (48), was distributed in 190 countries around the world and ranked No. 1 in Japan shortly after. It also made the top 10 in the world ranking.

After separating to focus on his acting career, Shinohara chose to divorce. In “The Goldfish Wife,” her wet scene with Gosuke Iwata (33) of “J SOUL BROTHERS III” became a topic of conversation.

The film depicts the adulterous love of six married women living in a tower apartment building, and the love scenes involving Shinohara and Kyoko Hasegawa (43) are one of the selling points of the film.

Filming took place from last spring to summer, and “Shinohara went into the shoot with a lot of determination,” says an ad agency official.

Last July, she announced her divorce from Masachika Ichimura (73). She chose work over family, so she wanted to show that she had mellowed after her divorce. She tried a daring wet scene, which is difficult to do on terrestrial television, but what was a miscalculation was her alleged affair with Gwang-su (34) of the Korean idol group “Super Nova,” which was reported after the divorce. When the role of the adulterous wife became strangely graphic, the production was toned down from the original plan. Due to the fact that the script was not good, the show has since dropped in the rankings and its viewership has been sluggish. At this rate, the show is likely to become a “black history” in which the actors took off their clothes only halfway through.

Yonekura Ryoko (46) also starred in a high-profile Netflix film, but her reputation was lowered in some quarters.

The film, “Newspaper Reporter,” which was released in January of this year, was an ambitious work that required a year off from filming the popular series “Doctor X.” However, the production of the film ignored the wishes of the bereaved families of the Moritomo Gakuen national land sale case, which served as the motif for the film. The mishap was a mishap.

Yonekura accepted the offer to appear in this film shortly after becoming independent from the major entertainment agency “Oscar Promotion. In addition to the high salary, the fact that the film had the potential to become one of her best-known works following “Doctor X” was a deciding factor, but it is well known that Yonekura had a dispute with the bereaved family even before the film was produced. In fact, Kyoko Koizumi (56), who was scheduled to appear in the film, dropped out after the trouble was discovered.

Some time after her independence, Yonekura invited a man who was the chief manager at her former office. If he had been with her from the beginning, she might not have made a mistake in choosing the film. ……

Even before the official announcement, “Queen of Extreme Evil,” based on Dump Matsumoto (61), is under fire over its casting.

Yuriyan Retriever (31), who has lost 45 kg, plays Dump Matsumoto. The rival of Dump and his “extreme evil alliance,” the “Crash Gals,” is played by Erika Karada (24) and Ayame Tsuyoshi (29), and the mere mention of the two was met with boos from female pro wrestling fans.

On the other hand, there are actors who have gained recognition for their Netflix work.’ They are Tao Tsuchiya (27) and Kento Yamazaki (27), who appeared in “Alice in the Land of Imagination,” which was distributed in 2008.

”It is highly acclaimed worldwide, and Season 2 is scheduled for distribution this December. Tsuchiya, who was often slammed by her peers for being a brash girl, has seen a complete change in the wind with this film. Although the fees for Netflix productions are high, the viewer numbers are known in detail, so if a production fails, the damage is even greater than with a terrestrial drama.

Actors are now required to have an eye for selecting works, including production teams and scripts.

From the April 1-8, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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