Yukina Kinoshita Held a Photo Book Press Conference — An Ironic Move From Someone Who Wants to Leave the Lime Light! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita Held a Photo Book Press Conference — An Ironic Move From Someone Who Wants to Leave the Lime Light!

Entertainment Reporter Toshio Ishikawa's "Behind the Scenes" of the Entertainment World: ......"

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Yukina Kinoshita released a photo book and even held a press conference. Although she emphasizes that she is an “ordinary person,”…

Toshio Ishikawa, entertainment reporter, tells us what’s going on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry: ……

Former celebrity Yukina Kinoshita held a press conference to announce the release of her photo book “correct. It was widely covered by sports newspapers, and wide shows also took time to report on it.

She appeared in a black outfit with a large bust opening and a super mini skirt.

I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you. I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused you.

He greeted the audience. Ms. Kinoshita said

“Ordinary people.”

I wondered if he was a former TV personality. I wonder if he is not “still a TV personality” by any stretch of the imagination. For some reason, it doesn’t feel right. The event moderator told me

I won’t take any questions today other than about the photo book.”

The “instruction” was given not to mention the past. He was aware that he was a “former celebrity” and

I don’t think about doing variety shows like I used to do.”

But what they are doing is clearly entertainment. That’s why the media gathers.

What originally led her to quit show business was a trouble with a tapioca store where her own sister worked. It was in October of 1919.

At the time of the opening, it was Yukina who was advertising the store extensively as her sister’s store. That all changed when she got into trouble over the payment of her sister’s salary. She posted a message on a social networking site that had about 5.3 million followers, saying to her fans, “Don’t go there again,” and she also told the restaurant

We can lawyer up and take legal action as much as we want, and depending on how things go from here on out, we’ll have our entire office on it.

and a threatening exchange with the owner of a tapioca store.

In November, Yukina’s agency announced that she would refrain from performing. She and comedian Toshifumi Fujimoto divorced after nine years of marriage. According to one person involved in the entertainment industry

Mr. Fujimoto was unaware of the series of allegations against Yukina as reported in the press, but only found out about them when people around him told him about them. It seems that the office was also aware of the names of the rumored former Japanese national soccer team and group singer, and they told Mr. Fujimoto.

But he didn’t want to divorce her because of their child. But what he was told was more than he could have imagined, so he was shocked.”

He told us the backstage story of his refraining from activities and divorce.

The following year, however

“I want to do what I can do, and do it in my own way.

and resumed his entertainment activities. However, five days later, his management contract was terminated by his agency. Another entertainment professional said

For the office, she said, “They don’t listen to what we say. They said, “They don’t listen to what we say, and even if we warn them, they won’t listen to us. That was the reason for the contract termination.

In October, the issue came to a head when a tapioca store filed a lawsuit for damages, and a conclusion was also reached on the matter. The tapioca store claimed 10 million yen in damages, but the verdict was 400,000 yen. The tapioca store side said

“It’s not a question of the amount of money, but the fact that the extortion was recognized.”

The company seems to be relieved to hear this. Immediately after the verdict, Yukina opened a YouTube channel again.

She was pushed by the passionate voices of her former followers, who urged her to “start up the Yukina group once again. She now has over 500,000 followers. And a photo book.

I asked him if there was anything I could do at the age of 34. It’s about making memories.”

Her relationship with Hidetoshi Sanko, a J2 Omiya Ardija soccer player who is six years younger than her, is still going strong, and a reporter asked, “Will you remarry? When asked

I hope we can be together forever, so I’ll think about it when the time comes. But (remarriage) is not out of the question.

I answered with aplomb.

The relationship involving the children has been going on since last July. The press conference for the release of the photo book, however, involved the entertainment media. Is she really a “former celebrity”? I can only think that they are using the word “former” because they don’t want to be exposed to something that is inconvenient. I, the writer, am also being taken in by her….

  • Text Toshio Ishikawa, entertainment reporter

    Born in Tokyo in 1946. He has a unique career path from the Shochiku Advertising Department to a reporter for a women's magazine to an entertainment reporter. He has appeared on "The Wide" and "Information Live Miyaneya" (both on Nippon Television Network Corporation), and currently appears regularly on "Mentai Wide" (Fukuoka Broadcasting System), "Su Matan" (Yomiuri TV), and Rainbow Town FM.

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