Mother Re-arrested on the Death of Her 5-year-old child — and She is Not Alone! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mother Re-arrested on the Death of Her 5-year-old child — and She is Not Alone!

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On March 6, the suspect, Kakimoto, was sent to Saitama Prefecture’s Yorii Police Station for prosecution. She was a mother who always cared about her son and took good care of him.

I threw him to the floor. I was trying to discipline him.”

Based on the statements of the mother and three other suspects, the full details of the tragic case in which the body of a young child was found in the ground are finally coming to light.

The body of Ayumu Kakimoto, then 5, a resident of Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, was found in the garden of her home on March 5 of this year. On March 26, the Saitama Prefectural Police re-arrested Ayumu’s mother, Chika Kakimoto (30), Hiroki Niwa (34), and Yoko Ishii (54), on suspicion of inflicting injury and death, for allegedly repeatedly throwing Ayumu to the floor of their home and causing his death. The police are investigating the case, believing that abuse had been taking place on a daily basis.

The police are now investigating. Eight days later, on January 20, the suspect submitted a notice of withdrawal. He explained to the preschool that he was living in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture, where his parents live, and that he was doing well.

However, when Honjo City made an inquiry to Izumi City, they found that there was no evidence of a change of residence. Honjo City consulted the police, saying, ‘We cannot confirm the safety of the child. When we asked the three suspects, including Niwa, who lived together, they admitted that they had buried the bodies in their yard in mid-January.

Initially, the three were arrested on suspicion of abandoning a corpse. The cause of Ayumu’s death was unknown, but it was discovered from the suspects’ statements that he had been severely beaten.

Sentence to sit on the floor for two hours

Suspect Kakimoto before leaving her husband. The image from that time shows her looking happy (from her Facebook page).

The three suspects lived together in a 50-year-old wooden house in Honjo City. They are not related by blood. Their strange shared life together began last January.

Kakimoto left her husband and raised Ayumu by herself. It was around the fall of last year that she met the Niwa suspect. After a while, Kakimoto and Ayumu moved in together at a house where Niwa and Ishii live.

Since the start of their shared life together, Ayumu’s strange behavior was frequently witnessed.

The four of them, including Ayumu, were often seen visiting a restaurant near their home. However, Ayumu was always scolded by Niwa and not allowed to eat enough food. At one point, he was made to sit on his hands for two hours. …… We heard that the suspect Kakimoto once tried to film Ayumu being scolded with a smart phone.

In the parking lot of a supermarket, the suspect Ishii said to Ayumu, “You little brat! Some residents witnessed him yelling at them. The suspect, Kakimoto, always looked tired. Ayumu was often absent-minded at the daycare center, and people around him were concerned that he might be mentally abusive.

The incident occurs on January 18. On the first floor of their home, the three suspects repeatedly threw Ayumu to the floor, apparently causing his death.

Ayumu had a large scratch on the back of his head, which was the direct cause of death. Ayumu was originally a cheerful and vivacious child, but after the three suspects began living together, he became increasingly listless.

Ayumu was severely abused and buried in the ground. There is no way that the three suspects’ claim that they were just trying to discipline him will hold up.

Suspect Ishii being sent to the police station
On March 8, an investigation was underway in the yard where the dumping took place. Ayumu was buried in the ground under the floor on the first floor, with his head turned to the north, face up.
A house in Honjo City where the body of a boy was found. Three men and a woman were living together.
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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