Imperial Household Journalists Read Princess Aiko’s Coming-of-Age Press Conference and Expectations for Her Marriage | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Imperial Household Journalists Read Princess Aiko’s Coming-of-Age Press Conference and Expectations for Her Marriage

Eye of Midori Watanabe, Journalist of the Imperial Household, "Female Emperors on the Horizon

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Now 20 years old, Princess Aiko will study at Gakushuin and fulfill her role as a member of the royal family. Above all, “As a human being, I want her to be happy.” Photo: Representative photo/Reuters/Afro

Aiko has really grown into a fine young woman. Her appearance at the coming-of-age press conference was perfect. Of course, her own efforts are probably responsible for this, but above all, I think her father and mother, Empress Masako, have been a great help.

Midori Watanabe, a leading Imperial Household journalist who has covered Japan’s Imperial Family for more than 60 years, said, “I am very pleased to be here.

Princess Aiko has the “strength to overcome

When Aiko was in elementary school, there was the field trip incident, wasn’t there? At that time, Masako’s behavior was criticized by many people. Princess Aiko was old enough to read the weekly ads in the newspaper, so she was aware of the public’s opinions. I am sure she must have been deeply moved. She was said to be very devoted to her mother.

But when she entered junior high school, she started playing in the same orchestra as her father and grew up in the Gakushuin environment. It was not all smooth or easy, but the strength with which she overcame the difficulties was exceptional.

Masako’s hidden “power

Because of his excellent grades, there was a time when he wondered if he would go on to the University of Tokyo, the alma mater of his mother, Masako. Some even called it a “good thing” to be a “good person. However, Princess Aiko chose Gakushuin University.

She said, “Everyone in the Imperial Family has a field of study in which they specialize. The emperor’s eldest daughter, Kiyoko Kuroda, studied birds and worked at the Institute for Ornithology after graduating from university. She is a full-fledged researcher. The Emperor’s theme is “water. It goes without saying that Masako, who has a career as a diplomat, is an excellent person. I can clearly sense her hidden power when she meets foreign dignitaries.

Princess Aiko is currently studying Japanese culture at university. I imagine she will be focusing on a specific theme in the future.

At her coming-of-age press conference, Aiko expressed her gratitude to her parents.

She was very attentive to herself, her family, the Emperor and Empress, her role as a member of the Imperial Family, and above all, to the people of Japan, and I felt her depth as a person born and raised in the Emperor’s family.

I want you to be happy.

This press conference was received very favorably. And…

I think it would be good if a female emperor were born. Aiko has that many qualities. As for marriage, it is still a little early, but various preparations are actually underway. The man whose name is on the list of candidates now, and the man who is related to her father, are very good men, so it is time for her to think about it.

But above all, I hope that you will be happy as a person.

On the same day, he answered a reporter’s question about Prince Eugene of the Akishino family on the occasion of his graduation from junior high school.

He is only 15 years old, even though he is the future emperor of Japan. From this point on, it is time for him to create his own life. The University of Tsukuba is also the alma mater of Michiko’s father, Eizaburo Shoda, so it is not that he has no connection with the school. It is a very good school, and I hope that she will make good friends and grow during the next three years.

How does Michiko, whom Ms. Watanabe has interviewed throughout her life, feel about her four grandchildren now?

Michiko’s attitude has always been, “I will decide for myself. So I am sure that she is watching over them without interfering in any way. Having watched Michiko and the Εmperor for many years, I think that the Εmperor’s greatest achievement was his marriage to Michiko.

I also think that the Emperor’s eagerness to marry Masako was likewise a great achievement. I hope that Aiko will have a wonderful marriage like her parents. Though it is a little early to say.”

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