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Yukina Kinoshita’s Video Scandal with Him is Still Increasing in View Count!

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Yukina Kinoshita is in a “family affair” with J-League player Miyuki. She is said to be considering remarriage, but…

On March 26, Yukina Kinoshita posted a video on YouTube titled “I went to a BBQ in a camper. The video showed her driving the camper and enjoying a BBQ with her family.

Kinoshita recently held a press conference for the release of her photo book

“Marriage is not out of the question.

Hidetoshi Sanko, a player from Omiya J2 soccer team, was also present as a “family member.

Sanko had not been so “bold” in his videos before, but he was asked about him by a reporter at a recent press conference, and I guess he “lifted the ban” on his face. The “I” in “I” is a word that means “to be” or “to be”. It included a close-up of Sanko’s face and a scene in which Kinoshita-san was giving him a sausage “aahn.

They were in a very lovey-dovey mood, and the fact that they were so open about it suggests that they may be getting married soon. The child was very attached to him, and he seemed to have the presence of a “father.

In the video, Sanko says

“When things calm down a bit, we’ll play UNO.”

and invites his children to join him. He is truly the family’s mainstay.

However, despite the fact that the video he posted showed the world how much he and Sanko are in love with each other, it has not attracted much attention. Although Kinoshita herself wore a revealing fashion style, the video has not attracted much attention, with only 40,000 views (as of January 30), which is “modest.

The number of views is probably too low for the “most powerful ordinary person.

As a comedian, he can give interesting talks and come up with various plans that are worth watching, but Mr. Kinoshita has too few “drawers”. He has no choice but to sell out his private life with his family, and even when he does show his boyfriend, he doesn’t pull it off at all.

Also, her recently released photo book was not well received and most of the reviews on Amazon.com were 1 star. For a book that was advertised as a nude collection, there was not that much exposure, and it may have been taken as a disappointment.

He said at a press conference that he had been No. 1 on Amazon’s pre-order list before the release of the book.

“The I was honestly insanely happy.”

However, after the release of the book, only about 3,000 copies (according to Oricon) have been sold so far.

The YouTube video has not grown, and Kinoshita’s photo book, which she was so excited to release, has not been selling well either. If you look at her past videos, you will see that the only ones being played are the ones in which she apologizes and talks about the tapioca riots she caused in the early days of her career.

The other day, her ex-husband, Toshifumi Fujimoto, made headlines when he posted on social media that he was in a position to receive alimony, but didn’t. “I’ve been in a position to receive alimony, but I didn’t receive it. I think that Ms. Kinoshita would probably make more money by being a “flaming character” who stirs up the antagonists than by releasing happy videos.

Perhaps she really wants to return to a clean image as much as possible for the sake of her children, but she is stuck in the same position as she is now. As a YouTube star, he is not getting much attention, and his career is likely to decline even further.

Kinoshita declared that he would resume his activities because he needs to make a living. We wonder what kind of “line” he will continue to pursue in the future.

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