Former Nihon University Chancellor Showing Rude Behavior Not Fit for His Image in the Courtroom — Big Money is at Stake on the Trial! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Nihon University Chancellor Showing Rude Behavior Not Fit for His Image in the Courtroom — Big Money is at Stake on the Trial!

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On March 29, defendant Tanaka was able to leave the chanko restaurant owned by his wife. He shooed away the photographer of this magazine and got into his car.

It was just before noon when a black Mercedes Benz pulled up in front of a chanko restaurant in Asagaya, Tokyo.

A large man came out of the restaurant, brushed off the photographers with his arm, and got into the car, without answering questions from the assembled reporters about his thoughts on the series of incidents.

On March 29, a large man appeared at the Tokyo District Court about two hours later – Hidetoshi Tanaka, 75, former president of Nihon University, was sentenced. He was sentenced to one year in prison, suspended for three years, and fined 13 million yen. Judge Toshiro Nohara declared, “The defendant is guilty of the following.

He committed the crime to conceal the fact that he had received gratuities from the contractor. His motive was selfish, and there were no extenuating circumstances.

According to the verdict, Tanaka filed tax returns in 2006 and 2008 excluding approximately ¥118 million in kickbacks and other payments he received from business partners. He is alleged to have evaded income taxes amounting to 52 million yen.

In 19, Nichidai planned to rebuild its affiliated Itabashi Hospital (Itabashi Ward, Tokyo). The hospital had been built more than 50 years earlier and had become decrepit. It is believed that about 420 million yen was illegally leaked in the process and in the procurement of medical equipment, causing damage to the university.

Arrested and charged with breach of trust are Masami Yabumoto, former chairman of Kinshukai, a medical corporation involved in the construction project, and Tadao Inokuchi, a former Nihon University trustee. Many of the kickbacks to Tanaka are said to have been provided by the two defendants based on funds leaked from Nihon University,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

The true identity of the “Empress of Nichidai

Defendant Tanaka gets into his car. He was a longtime coach of the Nihon University Sumo Club.

Tanaka became chancellor of Nihon University in 2008. Since then, he had established a strong control over the university for 13 years until his arrest last year.

He said, “Especially his wife, Mrs. U., seemed to have tremendous authority within the university. Mr. Tanaka had complete trust in her. In order to advance at Nichidai, it was an absolute prerequisite to be recognized by Mrs. U. For that reason, many executives went to the chanko restaurant run by Mrs. U.

Tadao Inokuchi, who was accused of breach of trust, was also trusted by Mrs. U. He literally visited the restaurant on a daily basis and was even promoted to a board member. It is said that Inokuchi’s sister also took to Mrs. U and was entrusted with some of Nihon University’s public relations activities.

It is said that substantive “executive meetings” were also held at Mrs. U’s chanko restaurant to decide on Nichidai’s policies.

The “meeting” was often held in a secluded private room with trusted executives, and it is said that the response to the “dangerous tackling of the football team” incident in May 2006 was also discussed at the chanko restaurant. Most of the time, Mrs. U was also in attendance.

Last December, defendant Tanaka paid 60 million yen and was released on bail. He was living at his wife’s chanko restaurant and home, hardly seeing anyone. However, his words and actions in court showed no signs of remorse.

Tanaka was bizarre at the trial. When asked by his defense counsel to confirm the facts, he only responded with short answers like, ‘Yes, yes. On the day he was sentenced, the presiding judge asked him what his name was and he said, ‘Hidetoshi Tanaka! But the rest of the time, he barely moved. In the end, he left the courtroom slowly and silently, without looking at the audience. I even got the impression that he was unfaithful.

After the verdict, Tanaka commented through his lawyer, “I take this very solemnly. He plans not to appeal.

Meanwhile, the victim, Nihon University, announced on its website, “As the president of a school corporation with a high public profile, this is an unforgivable act that I caused while in office, and is extremely regrettable.

Around 1995, Tanaka and other members of the Sumo Club took a bath together at a training camp in Aomori Prefecture.
Car carrying defendant Tanaka to the Tokyo District Court
Chanko restaurant in Asagaya, Tokyo, run by Mrs. U.
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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