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Katsuhide Uekusa Shocking Motel Scandal with a Beautiful Slutty Company President!

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Driving yourself out

Uekusa emerges from a love hotel on the outskirts of Chiba City on the night of Valentine’s Day. He stayed at the love hotel for nearly 10 hours that day.

It was still chilly February 14, Valentine’s Day night. A man dressed in a down coat, black cap, and black mask emerged from a love hotel in the suburbs of Chiba City. He was Katsuhide Uekusa, 55, of “Shonen-tai.

Uekusa came out of a reasonably priced love hotel, where the price starts at 3,000 yen for a two-hour break. He walked to his minivan parked in the parking lot and removed the blindfold board that was propped up on the license plate. Uekusa moved the van to the entrance of the hotel, and a woman quickly got in. She was a beautiful, model-like woman who resembled the actress Maki Tamaru. After getting her in, Uekusa’s car drove off in the direction of Tokyo.

Many of you may not have heard the name “Uekusa” in a long time. The Shonen-tai was once called “Janie Kitagawa’s masterpiece. However, since she left the Johnny’s Office with Kazukiyo Nishikiori (56) in December 2008, Uekusa has not been very active.

One of the reasons Uekusa left the office was the death of Mr. Janney. The other reason seems to be that he felt that if he stayed with Johnny’s, unlike Noriyuki Higashiyama (55), he would not be able to build a place for himself in the office. He left the name ‘Shonen-tai,’ and although the group has not disbanded, he has not been involved in any group activities.

After leaving the office, Uekusa set up his own private office, opened a YouTube channel, and started a stage He has also tried his hand at directing. However, it is difficult to say that any of them have become a topic of conversation.

Uekusa is currently obsessed with a beautiful model-like woman who was staying with him at this love hotel. She is in her late 30s, and let’s call her Ms. A. A friend of Uekusa’s tells us, “She is in her late 30s.

A is the president of an event planning and PR company headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Originally, Ms. A was a part-timer at a directly managed store that handled products for a company that was the parent company of the current company. There, he was recognized for his abilities, was selected as a department manager, and then became president of a subsidiary established to expand the entertainment business.

He is now an independent president, having received a transfer of shares from the former parent company in the form of a “goodwill split. It seems that he is also helping Uekusa-san with YouTube and Instagram live-streaming.”

Indeed, this magazine also witnessed Uekusa, her manager, and her shopping together, and her presence at what appeared to be a dinner meeting. However, it is clear from their behavior at the beginning of this article that they are not mere business partners.

Uekusa married a woman who was his junior in high school in 1994, and they have one son and one daughter. Their oldest son is Yuta Higuchi (27), now an actor and singer. However, they divorced in ’10, and his two children were taken in by his ex-wife. Uekusa then remarried in ’13 to an ordinary woman, and they had a daughter. Despite the fact that he has such a wife and a young daughter, he is still infatuated with Ms. A.

In late December of last year, Uekusa and Mr. A visited a love hotel in the suburbs of Chiba City, just the two of them. This hotel was also a relatively reasonable place, with rates starting at 3,000 yen for a short two-and-a-half-hour stay. Perhaps not wanting to be seen, Uekusa ran to her car as they were leaving the love hotel. Ms. A got in too, and the minivan Uekusa was driving drove off toward Tokyo.

Uekusa’s own answer can be found at ……

Uekusa, who was one of Johnny’s biggest stars, drove his own car to a love hotel in the suburbs of Tokyo. In late March, we interviewed Uekusa directly as he parked his car near Shibuya Station.

–I asked Uekusa, “Mr. Uekusa, are you in a relationship with this woman?

I am not dating her.

When this reporter asked him this while holding out a picture of Ms. A, he repeated repeatedly that they were not in a relationship.

–I know you went to a love hotel, didn’t you?

No, I haven’t.”

–I’ve confirmed that you have been there more than once.

No, I have not gone!”

Uekusa says that Mr. A is only “a business partner who is helping us with the delivery system and other things,” and claims that there is “no truth” to the fact that he went to a love hotel. However, the reality of the situation is as you have seen so far.

When interviewed by a women’s magazine in 2002, Uekusa was asked about her life as a remarried woman, to which she happily replied, “I hope we can create a warm family. We wonder if Uekusa remembers those words today.

Late last December, at a love hotel in the suburbs of Chiba City. Uekusa is driving a minivan and Mr. A is getting into the minivan.
Directly interviewed Uekusa, who bitterly evaded the question by saying that he and Ms. A were not in a relationship and that he had not been to a love hotel.
Mr. A having dinner with Uekusa (left) and his manager. Even when other people were present, Uekusa and Ms. A were friendly with each other.

From the April 15, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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