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Nuisance Lamborghinis on Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway Causing 110 Calls

Parking areas have been closed on the Metropolitan Expressway since the beginning of the year due to repeated disruptive behavior.

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Lamborghinis gathered at the Daikoku parking area in January this year. They were a nuisance, occupying the space reserved for large vehicles. Some of them were sports cars other than Lamborghinis.

They drive on public roads with blasting noise, blare in parking lots, use completely illegal electric lights (strobe lights), occupy large vehicle spaces at highway rest facilities, and drive the wrong way on one-way streets. …… The misdeeds of modified Lamborghinis, known as “the bikers of 2025,” have been conspicuous in recent years.

Lamborghinis have been the dream supercar for car lovers and sports car enthusiasts. In recent years, however, good Lamborghini owners have voiced their lamentations.

They are like a biker gang. It has become the car of choice for people who just want to attract attention with their unauthorized modifications and flashy appearance.

Highway rest facilities have often been closed due to the misdeeds of the Lamborghini and other supercar legions. Most recently, the Daikoku parking area of the Metropolitan Expressway was closed from after 9:00 pm on February 18 until around 4:30 am the next morning. At that time, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Highway Traffic Police Unit, Daikoku Branch Station, notified the closure.

There had been a string of 110 calls since we were on the Bayshore Route,” he said. Due to the nuisance drivers, the Daikoku PA will be closed.”

Lamborghini go home. You can’t drive in reverse!”

The warning was given in a strong tone of voice, including the following. A parking area user who was present at the scene revealed.

Dozens of Lamborghinis were gathered there, parked proudly in the large car space and blocking the aisles. It was as if they were holding an ‘exhibition. It was very annoying, with all the illegal parking and blasting.”

  • Even the president of Lamborghini is furious.

They park in spaces reserved for large vehicles, block aisles, and do whatever they want.

Why has the coveted supercar become a “public hater”? Three owners revealed the reasons.

First, Mr. A, an investor who owns four Lamborghinis, told us his story. Since his home is located in a quiet residential area near an elementary and junior high school, he is very careful about taking his Lambos in and out of the house. Mr. A. says that the diversification of owners has led to a loss of dignity.

He said, “ The lambo owners who are causing so much trouble in the public these days are a segment of the population that has never existed before. There are people who happen to make a profit on Bitcoin, or who run high-priced online salons such as romantic relationship matching sites, fortune-telling, and investment consulting. Since there are so many different ways to make money, it is probably possible to make a lot of money at a young age. That makes them want to intimidate others and try to stand out.

Once, when the president of the Lambo company came to Japan and visited an authorized dealer in Tokyo, a bombastic Lambo army got wind of it and drove several cars to the dealership. The president of Lambo was furious and told them not to sell any more Lamborghinis to them.

Mr. B, an Aventador owner and an expert on the current Lambo situation, told us about “an incident” that occurred in 2020.

He said, “I was very surprised to hear about it. I think that the “air blasting incident” at the Tokyo Auto Salon held in January 2020 may have triggered the increase in the number of haters. One exhibitor blew up in an area prohibited by the Fire Defense Law, and there was a struggle between him and another exhibitor who warned him about it.

I think that this was spread by various media, and the fact that he was banned from the Auto Salon led him to commit such nuisances at these parking areas. They may be unaware that they are causing so much trouble, and on the contrary, they may feel that they are pleasing the gallery.

I would like them to distinguish what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do just because they have money, and to act with common sense and morals. It is said that 80% of the nuisance lambo owners are in their late 40s or early 50s. That’s not something a good adult would do, is it?”

There is another reason behind the increase in various illegal modifications and illegal activities that do not even consider the inconvenience of the surroundings. Manabu Goshima, president of Bushu Tobi, who often appears in the media and is himself an owner of an Aventador, said.

In recent years, many galleries have started taking videos with their smartphones so that they can upload them to SNS and video sites. They say, ‘Blow it up! Make some noise!” I’m not sure how much I can say about that,” he said. The owner, who has a service-oriented mindset, can’t help but react (chuckles). Nowadays, there are some events that offer the opportunity to blow a whistle only in limited places and during permitted hours. We need to be careful not to bother the general public by taking advantage of such events.

We can only hope that they will go back to the supercars that everyone longs for.

A Lamborghini properly parked exclusively for small cars. Most of the owners are well mannered, good owners.
  • Interview and text Kumiko Kato

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