Bring on the GaaSyy-ch! Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya Head Now has a Bounty of 300 Million Yen | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Bring on the GaaSyy-ch! Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya Head Now has a Bounty of 300 Million Yen

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The “Garcy CH” channel is nearing one million subscribers. The entertainment industry is horrified by the revelations of Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. Garcy… (from the official YouTube video)

They are after me so hard. I’m currently being targeted by Wanted, and I hear the bounty is about 300 million yen. I’m going to get killed, I swear.”

In a video broadcast on March 27, the revealing YouTube personality Yoshikazu Azumaya revealed that a bounty of 300 million yen is on his “neck.

Higashitani has shaken up the entertainment world with his outrageous revelations about popular actors such as Yu Shirota and Tsuyoshi Ayano. In the case of Shirota, three of his commercials were withdrawn after his revelations.

Recently, he has started to be more sparing with his revelations in response to questions in Super Chat, saying, “I’ll do it later,” but even so, his views have not declined. Even so, the number of views has not declined, and in fact, it continues to grow.

But even a stray bullet-point exposé is as much information as a story in a weekly magazine, so in a sense, viewers have become accustomed to the exposés and may just feel that they are not enough.

On the same day, Maya Kobayashi, the most talked-about “person of the moment” in the entertainment world, made a live phone call. Mr. Azumaya had previously said to Kobayashi

“You seem brainwashed.

However, after exchanging DMs with Kobayashi, they hit it off, leading to the phone project. When Higashitani spoke with her, she retracted her previous statement, saying that she had not been brainwashed at all.

In response to Maya’s video denouncing Ebizo Ichikawa, Higashitani advised her, “You look scary, so you should speak more cheerfully. Kobayashi accepted the advice, and the video was deleted, although it is not clear if that had anything to do with it. Later that evening, she announced on her blog that she was remarrying her ex-husband, Gin Kunimitsu. Anyway, Maya’s situation is moving at a dizzying pace,” said a women’s magazine reporter.

Later in the video, Higashitani revealed that he had learned that a bounty of 300 million yen had been placed on him. According to him, people involved in the entertainment industry apparently could not overlook his revealing video, and he became the “bounty hunter.

What if I get caught? They say they’re going to kill me or smash the phone I have or kidnap me or lock me up, but I hear they want me to come with them.”

He revealed the existence of a bounty, which was hard to believe, and fans voiced their concern.

People want to stop Mr. Azumaya at all costs, and he continues to expose them. He has announced that he will drop an extra-large bomb when he reaches 1 million subscribers, and the celebrities on his “exposure list” must be very concerned. –.

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