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Revealing the Dark Tactics to Attract New Sex Workers

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Kabukicho is a place where various incidents occur day and night, and Chihuahua Sasaki, a Keio University student writer who has lived here since she was 15 and has built up a wealth of personal connections, describes the latest “Kabukicho Situation”.

April is the season when many new sex workers are born. Kabukicho comes alive with girls who graduate from high school and start working in brothels and scouts who target them.

However, many of these new sex workers have fallen prey to “hobby classes.

Hobby training” means that the manager or clerk of a brothel forces new girls to play (hobby) beyond their scope under the name of “training”. Some girls may engage in sexual intercourse, while others may engage in special play only to satisfy their own sexual propensities.

The “training” takes place in a private room or some other place where it is difficult to escape. When the boss of the workplace where they are going to work tells them “this is how it is” or “you have to learn it with your body,” girls who are new to the sex industry and do not know what is right and what is left cannot disobey.

The term “hobby training” is a crude term. That was rape. Even now, when I think back on it, it makes me want to vomit.

Asuka (pseudonym, 23) has been in the sex industry for five years. Wanting to get away from her parents, Asuka knocked on the door of a brothel the day after she graduated from high school to save money for a move.

After writing her resume at the store, the manager came out. After I had filled out my resume, the manager came out and looked at me, then said, ‘Well, let’s give you a lesson. I thought he was going to teach me verbally, but he took me to a hotel. Even though I thought it was strange, I couldn’t say anything because it was my first time…Even though I was 18 years old, I was told by scouts that there were only a few places that would hire me from March. I couldn’t resist.”

Asuka was taken directly to the hotel, where she was verbally told the entire play process. Then, the manager suddenly said, “Get naked and actually try it,” she said.

From there it was hell.

Fellatio, kissing, and bareback …….

She made me say over and over, ‘Asuka-chan’s lips feel so good, it’s so bad. I thought to myself, “This isn’t a class, I’m just trying to make you feel good,” but I had to just smile and let it go. After the training was over, I almost cried when she told me, “Be careful not to get kissed by me in the waiting area. But I wanted money, so I had to put up with it.”

After he had accumulated enough funds to move, he quit that store. Asuka, who now works at another brothel, said she was surprised to learn later that such “hobby classes” were a frequent occurrence.

I was shocked,” she said. I thought it was just me, but I didn’t realize it was so common.

Some of the girls have had their balls ejaculated inside, others have been voyeuristically photographed, and still others have been forced to become pregnant. There are some places that won’t even turn a customer unless they regularly fuck the manager. It’s despicable and disgusting.

But it’s the norm. They want money, so they put up with it. It’s really frustrating.”

Just to be clear, even the best stores have “training”. However, in those stores, there are absolutely no cases where they go beyond the content of the play.

The sex industry is about getting paid and providing services in return. It is fortunate that the current state of these hobby classes is being tweeted about more often now that social networking sites have become more active. It is important for new prostitutes to spread the word about “shithouses” in order to avoid being caught in the clutches of the devil.

  • Reporting and writing Chihuahua Sasaki

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