4 Kanagawa Police Officer Guilty of Exploitation and Sexual Assault of High School Girls! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

4 Kanagawa Police Officer Guilty of Exploitation and Sexual Assault of High School Girls!

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Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters in Naka-ku, Yokohama (Image: Jiji Press)

Cash Exploitation and Indecent Exposure. ……

On March 18, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Inspector General’s Office announced that it had taken disciplinary action against four police officers; all four were referred for prosecution, one was dismissed on disciplinary grounds, and three resigned on request. The first time the “Municipalities” were not involved in the project was in 1983. It is unusual for several police officers to be punished at the same time.

The one who was dismissed from the force was a 31-year-old male sergeant from the Ofuna Police Department. He had been defrauding an elderly male and female suspect arrested in a theft case by making statements to the effect that they should pay compensation to the victim. First, last February, he received 100,000 yen from a male suspect in his 80s and gave 80,000 yen to the victim. He then paid the difference of 20,000 yen to the victim. In June of the same year, he exploited 160,000 yen from a female suspect in her 70s in another case. The sergeant admitted to the investigation that he “wanted money to spend on gambling.

The other three suspects were male officers in their 20s and 30s who worked at the Kawasaki and Yamato police stations. The three men admitted to the charges, saying they did it to satisfy their sexual desires, and resigned on their own accord.

44 statements were fabricated.

The Kanagawa Prefectural Police have had a string of scandals in recent years. The following are the main troubles.

In February 2008, a male lieutenant fabricated statements in 44 traffic accidents. He was sent to prosecution.

In February 2008, several members of the Kagamachi Police Department sent a drunken man home but left him in his room. The man later died. The man fell down and hit his head severely, but the police officers failed to check him.

In January 2009, a male officer in the riot police was arrested for putting bodily fluids on the bag of a woman in her 20s. He was suspended for 6 months and resigned at his request.

In October 2009, the lieutenant introduced his wife’s funeral company to the family. In return, he received 1,270,000 yen in cash and a prepaid card worth approximately 680,000 yen from the funeral service company. The lieutenant was arrested on suspicion of bribery.

In January 2010, the lieutenant was sent to prosecution for violating the Local Public Service Act (duty of confidentiality) by passing on investigative information to a crime syndicate.

Non-governmental It is not necessarily a bad thing for scandals to come to light. Behind this lies Kanagawa Prefecture’s own efforts.

In July 2000, a group of lawyers and other citizens established the “Police Watchman” in response to a series of problems that had been occurring. It is believed that the monitoring by this group has contributed to the scandals coming to light.

Crime journalist Taihei Ogawa, an alumnus of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, explains.

It is true that there has been a string of scandals at the Kanagawa Prefectural Police. However, I think there is a sense of self-cleansing, a desire to make any wrongdoing public. There are many cases in some organizations where troubles are covered up. By publicly announcing it themselves, they may be aiming to reduce criticism from prefectural residents.

However, it is absolutely prohibited to use one’s authority to commit fraudulent acts. In particular, it is unprecedented to exploit cash from elderly suspects. It is not something that can be forgiven if it is made public, and each and every police officer should be thoroughly educated and made more aware of the problem.”

In response to the simultaneous punishment of the four individuals mentioned at the beginning of this article, Kozo Kamata, head of the inspector general’s office, apologized, saying, “We deeply apologize for the loss of trust that has occurred.

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