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Surprising Support to Maya Kobayashi’s Successor! Here is Why…

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Maya Kobayashi announced her remarriage to the divorced Kunimitsu. Her “verbal attacks” on Ebizo Ichikawa are likely to continue…

Maya Kobayashi’s “verbal attacks” on Ebizo Ichikawa continue unabated.

On March 21, Maya Kobayashi started a YouTube video exposing Ebizo. The video is a negative campaign by his family members, not only for his philandering, but also for his denial of the image of “caring for a child” that he has conveyed to the public.

Maya is the sister of Ebizo’s wife, Mao Kobayashi, so naturally, she has spent a lot of time with the Ebizo family as a relative. Therefore, information that was not available to the mass media has come to light.

For example, she revealed that when she came to visit Mao, Ebizo left after five seconds, and that when she was there for a few minutes, she enjoyed looking at a horse racing newspaper. She also shared a story about how she lent him 90 million yen for a Kabuki performance in the Middle East, which has still not been repaid, regardless of its authenticity,” said a women’s magazine reporter.

In addition, he claims that Ebizo’s relationships with women and his involvement in raising his bins and Reichu are almost nonexistent, and that his child-care activities are a lie. Her husband, osteopathic physician Gin Kunimitsu, a.k.a. “Akira,” has also been “fighting with” Ebizo on his blog, increasing his criticism of him.

Many people say that Maya has been “brainwashed by her husband.” This is because she talks about spiritual topics on her blog and because she has “remarried” to Kunimitsu, who divorced on March 28. That is probably the impression that is given.

Although we cannot believe her 100%, some of her claims are credible, and there are several media outlets that are following up on them. For example, Mao’s treatment process, for example, has been a hot topic since the time of her hospitalization. Perhaps, there will be an outpouring of harsh articles on Ebizo-san.

On the 27th, he appeared by phone on “Garcy Ch” by Yoshikazu Azumaya a.k.a. Garcy, who is popular as an exposé-style You Tuber, and promised to fight with him in exposing Ebizo. The video has received more than 1.63 million views, and the anti-Ebizo ripple effect is only growing.

Of course, we don’t believe everything Maya says, but it is true that there are people who say, “Well said.

A person involved in the pear orchard said, “I am not a fan of the Japanese pear orchard. Criticism of Naritaya’s big name is, of course, taboo.

The report in “Josei Seven” that came out at the same time as Maya’s accusation that she had been involved in multiple relationships due to the coronary disaster also provoked a backlash. Of course, we too have taken great care not to cancel performances due to corona infection. And yet, Ebizo, the leader of the troupe, is out at night without regard for “man-proofing.

Moreover, the Kabuki world is generous when it comes to women’s entertainment, but “picking up women online” is just too lame. And for 20,000 yen, too. Other actors would make fun of him. No one would say anything about it outwardly, though.

The effects of the scandal are not likely to be limited to the pear orchard. Finally, their patronage sources are also said to be upset.

The most common comment is that it’s hard to see the “internal squabbling. Surprisingly, however, there are also many people who support Maya. While there are many people who look forward to the growth of the bins more than anything else, there are many people who are shocked at how Mr. Ebizo has treated Ms. Mao.

Since the assault in Nishi-Azabu, Ebizo has been working hard to restore his image. Thanks to his efforts, last year he was able to perform at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

However, many of his loyalists have been bitter about his blogging and TikTok, saying that it is “not like traditional performing arts.

Recently, Naritaya has been distancing itself not only from its patrons but also from Shochiku, the promoter of Naritaya. However, because of the dollar-box nature of the Danjuro succession show, their interests are aligned, and Shochiku has decided to ignore Maya’s accusations and the scandal in the weekly magazine.

However, many people in the Kabuki world are upset about such “special treatment” of Naritaya. It is inevitable that such an atmosphere will cast a shadow over the succession show, which is said to be held next year.

Ebizo’s ugly story started with Maya’s revelation. It seems likely that the fire will spread further and further, involving popular YouTubers and weekly magazines.

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