Former PM Abe’s Post About Russia-Ukraine War Contradicting His Past Action — Causing Mixed Reaction From the People | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former PM Abe’s Post About Russia-Ukraine War Contradicting His Past Action — Causing Mixed Reaction From the People

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Vladimir Shindo dreamed the same dream as Vladimir Shindo, as evidenced by his expression when the House of Representatives adopted a resolution condemning Russia at a plenary session on March 1… Photo: Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro

Japan stands with the people of Ukraine.

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s tweet that said this came under fire. The response was a dismal 95% negative to 5% positive in a Yahoo search of “sentiment.

The “sentiment” of a Yahoo search was a dismal 95% negative, compared to 5% positive. 2014 In 2006, while Russia was committing the barbaric act of annexing the Crimean Peninsula, he had a three-hour meeting with President Vladimir Putin in his hometown of Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture. He put a lid on the past, and his latest tweet is also from a “self-serving” perspective. He has no sense of the atmosphere at all.

At the time, former Prime Minister Abe was aiming to become “a prime minister who will go down in history” by resolving the Northern Territories issue, resolving hostilities between the two countries, and finally achieving the goal of a “peace treaty.

In Vladimir’s and my place, the consensus was unanimous in the direction of resolving the issue between our two countries.”

The 2014 Japan-Russia summit meeting took place in Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, former Prime Minister Abe’s constituency. The venue was Oya Sanso, one of Nagato’s five famous hot springs. Soaking in the hot spring, the leaders spent an hour and a half of the over three-hour summit meeting “negotiating” a peace treaty.

Russian diplomacy was supposed to be the Abe administration’s greatest achievement. The 27 summit meetings have become a stain on the history of Japanese diplomacy.

As a politician, he is ashamed of his past, and one would think that he would at least quietly and “respectfully” speak and act, but he has turned around and is good friends with President Zelensky! and published a photo of them shaking hands in 2019. It is not surprising that there was a huge “response” to that tweet.

In the newspaper and magazine media, the former prime minister has been touting that it is time to consider nuclear sharing, with little reflection or criticism of Putin.

Of course, former prime ministers have freedom of speech. And since he is an active politician, he may put his country and its people first and express his concerns. However, he should first admit that he is at fault for the misgovernments he has made so far. Then, isn’t it? As it is, it is too embarrassing.

Not only that, a senior LDP official testified. There are whispers of an “allegation” concerning the setting of Zelensky’s speech.

The LDP official said, “It is believed that President Zelensky’s speech was initially prepared to be delivered in the main hall of the Diet, but was eventually changed to a meeting room in the Diet building at the discretion of Hosoda, the speaker of the House of Representatives, who was in charge of his faction under the Abe administration. Even if there were problems with the facilities, etc., there is no denying that it was a ‘downgrade’ compared to the main conference hall. I have even heard it said that this may have been the work of three Lower House members and one Upper House member who are close to Mr. Abe…”

We do not know how true this is. However, the Japanese political movement and lack of reflection that seems to water down the world’s movement for solidarity to end the war is so far from the action that seeks to achieve peace, and so sad.

The post received 47,000 likes and nearly 10,000 retweets of mixed opinions (from Shinzo Abe’s Twitter).
  • Interview and text Shutaro Iwashiro Photo. Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro

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