Gershey CH Promised a “Bigger Bomb to Explode” if Harassment of Banning His Channel Continues | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershey CH Promised a “Bigger Bomb to Explode” if Harassment of Banning His Channel Continues

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Yoshikazu Azumaya continues to expose the private lives of celebrities on his YouTube program “Garcy CH. He is ready to fight against harassment… (from Office YouTube video)

On March 25, Higashitani posted a video titled “[Urgent live streaming] Ask the people in the entertainment industry! The video was titled Apparently fearing exposure, people in the entertainment industry are beginning to try to ban (i.e., suspend or deprive) Mr. Azumaya’s account.

In this vein, mentalist DaiGo also

I’ll explain why Garcy Ch. will be terminated within 33 days.”

In a video titled “The Banning of Higashitani’s Account,” he listed and explained seven reasons why Higashitani’s account would be banned. He also posted three other videos, including “How to Defeat Garcy CH.

In response to these videos by DaiGo, Higashitani

I’m not interested. Best to ignore it.”

In addition to stating that

DaiGo is just trying to get me involved because he’s down a lot since he got 20,000 or 30,000 views.

As the most active YouTube star of the moment, he showed the “dignity of a reigning champion.

Actor A, who is the target of future revelations

“I’ve been using a staffing agency to call in all the videos on Gershey’s website.

He revealed that he had learned that

Mr. Azumaya said, “If people want to report it, they can.”

I will not quit exposing this account even if it is banned. I will expose it again using an overseas server and website.

Entertainment agencies, don’t forget that you can only get away with this much video because it’s on YouTube. They are still giving out very loose information. They have some really terrible stuff. We have a lot of photos and videos that we can’t release.

In the event that YouTube is banned, he declared that he would continue to use other sites to drop even more “dirty bombs. And now they have already set up their own site and are preparing to do so.

At first, he said he would expose revenge porn videos of celebrities within his membership, but he has stopped considering YouTube’s guidelines. Now, the monetization review itself has been approved, but they are waiting for the PIN that will identify their personal information to be in hand.

If you do not register your bank account, etc. after this PIN is received, you will not get the monetized money. So if they are banned now, they will end up not getting a penny of the YouTube earnings and membership fees they have earned so far.

Even in such a critical situation, Mr. Azumaya

It would hurt like hell if I lost my YouTube monetization, but because it would hurt so much, I would turn that pain into a bomb and throw it back at them.

and seems to be considering activities after being banned.

The main media for exposing the ban is currently the main YouTube account, but as a backup, we have several social networking sites where we can transmit information, including a YouTube sub-channel, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

From the point of view of the celebrities who will be exposed in the future, they are probably praying that they will be banned as soon as possible. However, the retaliation for being banned could be even worse, so it is likely to end up as a “weasel game” no matter how far the banning goes. It is high.

Stable YouTube or even more radical revelations on other sites? Gershie fans may welcome either…

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