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NTV’s Popular Announcers Minami Ishikawa and Mao Odaka were Unstoppable!

Tokyo Marathon: amidst a huge crowd of runners participating in the Tokyo Marathon for the first time in three years, a panda accessory was clutched tightly ......

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Good luck!”

On March 6, for the first time in three years, ordinary runners participated in the Tokyo Marathon. Amidst the huge crowd, there was a runner who received such cheers from the crowd along the route. It was Minami Ishikawa, 25, a popular second-year announcer at Nippon Television Network Corporation. Clutching a panda accessory in her hand, she was running frantically.

Minami Ishikawa, a popular NTV announcer, was running desperately with her face down from time to time. A panda accessory was clutched in her hand.

Behind Ishikawa, who was running exhausted, a petite female runner with a short cut was closing the distance. She is Mao Odaka, 23, another newcomer to Nittele.

She is a promising newcomer with an aptitude for variety. She participated in the Tokyo Marathon as part of a project for Baguette, an information program in which she also appears. She was trained by Yuko Arimori (55), a silver medalist at the Barcelona Olympics,” said a staff member at a production company.

Odaka caught Ishikawa at the turnaround point in Tamachi and quickly overtook him. With a gap of more than 10 minutes, he crossed the finish line with a look of confidence on his face. He was in stark contrast to Ishikawa, who crossed the finish line with a blank look on his face.

Will Kodaka overtake Ishikawa in the main event this year? It will be interesting to see the dead heat between the two.

Mao Kodaka running with a relaxed look. She is one of the candidates for the next generation of ace announcers who is already active on the radio.

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