GaaSyy-ch Exposing More of Maya Kobayashi Personal Life — Entertainment Industry Getting Dirtier as Social Media Gets More Influential | FRIDAY DIGITAL

GaaSyy-ch Exposing More of Maya Kobayashi Personal Life — Entertainment Industry Getting Dirtier as Social Media Gets More Influential

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Kobayashi and Kunimitsu have been reported to have separated, divorced, and gotten back together.

Revelations by Yoshikazu Higashitani, aka Gershie Youtube has shaken the entertainment world. As if riding this wave, Maya Kobayashi ( 42 (See Figure 1.).

Kobayashi is known for her 17 In 2006, his younger sister Mao Kobayashi (aged 34 Since the death of the former president of the company, Mr. Kurokawa, the company has been concerned about the instability of his speech and behavior. 18 After marrying osteopathic physician Gin Kunimitsu in 2006, she took a leave of absence and returned to show business. However, he stopped his entertainment activities again, saying that he had been bullied.

Brainwashing by her husband?” However, she recently announced that she and her husband had gone through a paper divorce. However, the couple is said to be on good terms. I don’t know what’s going on here. …… This confession was posted at a time when the world was confused.

The husband of Maya Kobayashi’s sister, Mao, is the well-known Kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa ( 44 ). Apparently, it was this Ebizo who caused Maya Kobayashi to lose her temper. Kobayashi had not publicly announced that she was divorced, but when Ebizo hinted that she was back, she found out. It was Ebizo who advised her not to make the divorce public.

Kobayashi may have felt “betrayed” by this. 24 on the Youtube The following is a summary of the various allegations made against Ebizo in the following pages. Among them were that “Ebizo did not allow Mao to receive the standard treatment” and “the reason was that the person who was in charge of Ebizo’s Middle East tour at the time was performing the treatment, and to stop the treatment might have led to the cancellation of the Middle East tour.

Four such confession videos were posted on the same day, but Ebizo has remained silent on the matter.

Why the “unspoken rules” of the entertainment industry do not apply

Why is there such a string of self-destructive revelations being posted here? It is painfully obvious that both Gershwin and Maya Kobayashi are upset about something, but revealing such stories can seriously damage their own reputations. It is truly business of inflicting injury It is.

A weekly journalist familiar with the entertainment industry commented as follows.

A weekly magazine reporter familiar with the entertainment industry commented as follows: “I don’t mean to put it this way, but the entertainment industry has always been like this. It has been happening on a daily basis for a long time. Nowadays, ordinary people can easily enter the entertainment world through the Internet, and there are unspoken rules and regulations. That’s what the entertainment industry is all about. This sense of “I’m not a good person” is no longer valid. There SNS This is why people are no longer crying themselves to sleep, as they have done in the past.

Hopefully, this trend will improve the situation where people used to take it easy on themselves, thinking that they would be forgiven because they were celebrities or that their offices would cover it up anyway.

If Gershie and Maya Kobayashi’s confession were all that was left, people would quickly lose interest. But celebrities with scars on their shins are not so optimistic. In fact, in the world of fortune-telling, this revelation boom is expected to become even more active in the future. A writer specializing in fortune-telling says as follows.

wound is a commercial trend is also evident in astrology. In these cases, the points of the dragon tail (points that represent things that have been repeated many times in past lives) According to the 20 There are signs that a small number of people are using their wounds to make a lot of money from the second half of 2012.

Especially Cancer zodiac signs like Maya Kobayashi are very affectionate, so when they are trampled on, their hearts are often broken and they are swallowed up. Those who are harboring a guilty conscience need to be careful for a while to come. Especially if it is related to a Cancerian person. ……

I can’t do anything wrong, that’s what I’m trying to say.

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