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How to Outsmart Paparazzi with Humor According to Jim Carrey and De Niro

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Jim Carrey in his girlfriend’s swimsuit.

When it comes to foreign celebrities, there are always confrontations with paparazzi who are looking for the scoop photo. Numerous battles have been reported. Among them, unique methods of repelling the paparazzi are not seen in Japan.

For example, Jim Carrey (60), who was on a date with his girlfriend at the beach, disappeared to his hotel when he spotted the camera and reappeared wearing the swimsuit she was wearing. He showed his pride as a comedy star. Overseas celebrity writer Akika Haranishi tells us about the event.

Jim Carrey (60)

While on a date with his ex-girlfriend, Jim Carrey found the paparazzi and changed into her bathing suit, a huge service. That’s a comedy star!

Dustin Hoffman (84) was mischievous and played hide-and-seek with his face to avoid being photographed, but it turned out to be a funny picture. Leonardo DiCaprio (47) is famous for his dislike of the paparazzi, and he wears the same clothes every time he goes out so that people cannot tell when the photo was taken.

On the other hand, there are models who wear the clothes of the brands they want to promote and receive advertising fees from the companies by daring to be photographed.

Celebrities vs. paparazzi, see the best of the best for a laugh!

Grant Gustin (32)

Popular actor Grant Gustin performs a mysterious dance. He’s a hail mary who shows his antics every time he’s spotted by the paparazzi.

Robert De Niro (78)

Robert De Niro guards his face with newspaper. It seems he couldn’t even hide his aura, having played so many roles as a coquettish guy.

Sophie Turner (26)

Sophie Turner and her boyfriend were shooting a music video, and the photographer was reverse-patched. She was happy with a hard disk in her hand containing the photos.

Jason Momoa (42)

Jason Momoa, the ultra-physical actor who played “Aquaman,” chased the paparazzi with a camera in hand. It’s incredibly powerful. ……

Cara Delevingne (29)

Charismatic model Cara Delevingne responded with a water pistol. The paparazzi, soaked to the skin, including their cameras, were forced to leave the scene.

Haley Bieber (25)

Haley Bieber, the model wife of Justin Bieber (28), used shaving cream as her coup de grace.

Leonardo DiCaprio (47)

Leonardo DiCaprio in full guard, wearing sunglasses and a hat, with his face completely buried in a jumper. I can’t help you with this one: ……

Dustin Hoffman, 84.

Dustin Hoffman, the famous actor of yesteryear who has played hide-and-seek with the paparazzi many times. Is this being hidden!

From the March 25, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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