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Get Putin Before the World Ends! — A Firm Statement From Haruo Chikada

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Maybe someone’s already doing Heilputin.” (Feb. 25)

Haruo Chikada’s daily updated tweets are interesting. Based on his tweets, we asked him to talk about the invasion of Ukraine.

I feel that what happened before February 24 is a completely different world from what we know now. Even Corona is no longer on the news. Things are happening that don’t really matter anymore,” said Chikada. (Photo by Mayumi Abe)

President Vladimir Putin again suggests using nuclear weapons. “Those who stand in the way will face consequences unparalleled in history. You’re out of your mind. Putin.” (Feb. 24)

The Russian scenario, which was supposed to be completed in about three days, has turned out to be different from the beginning. In their impatience, they spoke up and said, “We will use nuclear weapons.

Ukraine also had a lot of nuclear weapons, but when they disposed of them, saying, “Everyone will protect us,” this is what happened.

If that were the case, other countries would think, “Ukraine has failed.

Even Russia has nuclear weapons, so they can do this. Humanity really is a fragile thing, isn’t it?

But I will never forget this birthday. It is the day after a superpower led by a madman starts a war.” (Feb. 25)

Putin’s life from here on out is a “thorny road”.

If you are the only one who suffers, then you are the one who will go to hell, which is what every human being thinks. It’s like a terrorist holed up with dynamite wrapped around his body.

I think we all realized once again that even if nuclear weapons are not used this time, it will happen somewhere sooner or later.

Jules Verne said in a good way, “What one can imagine, one can surely realize,” but even something so evil can be made by humans if it is imaginable. Even if the U.S. did not invent the atomic bomb, it would definitely be made somewhere.

Human beings can only go in the direction of extinction in any way, and the earth may not last another 10,000 years. But we have no choice but to devote our energies to the question of how much time we can prolong until the last day of our existence.

I know that the information and images that we are getting are not from a neutral point of view, but what we are seeing is a realistic view of Ukraine. I wonder if any Japanese would watch this and try to defend Russia?” (March 3)

What has happened can no longer be changed, so we have to figure out what to do from here.

For example, even North Korea, which has been launching missiles at us, is like a sweet bite, and I think the assumption was that a person in a position of leadership of a country would not do something like that in this 21st century.

But when I thought about it, I realized for the first time that anyone with nuclear weapons could do it. It’s already too late, though.

From a geopolitical point of view, Japan’s situation, with dictatorships all around it, is in a way similar to Ukraine’s.

In the past, Japan was able to recover from World War II, after having turned the world against it and surrendered completely. Isn’t kindly explaining this experience to Russia the kind of diplomacy that this country should be doing now? (March 11)

World War II was just too young for Japan, which was unable to hold back and started the war opportunistically, and as a result, surrendered.

I think the only thing Japan can teach Russia is, “Japan surrendered completely in that way, but we are somehow recovering like this, so I can teach you a lot of tips.

But unlike that era, people from all over the world are watching every day, right? I wonder if they didn’t use their imagination in dealing with that kind of situation. That is really a mystery.

I think it’s a mystery. The most cowardly coward in the world. Ah. Or maybe the world’s most cowardly coward is better. I wonder which one is better. What do you guys think?” (March 12)

I think the strategy the US is taking now in consultation with NATO is probably the best. The US is a pro-war country.

A while ago, Putin was announcing that this is what he would do next. But at some point, the number of predictions started to decrease.

I think there is a possibility that the information is coming in and they are doing something in secret.

If it had been Trump, I would have laughed at him at the last minute, and I would have ended up with a cheerful feeling. Well, it doesn’t matter now. I think he had genius judgment in terms of yield, that no matter how many crazy things he said up to this point, it would still work.

In his State of the Union address, Biden said one word that was not in the script. Go get him!” Chikada-san is now writing a song sampling that voice. He said, “I like the idea of speaking out on Twitter, but I still think music has the power to unite us all.”

By the way, I have decided to make a small donation here,” he said on March 12.

In a sense, we are already entering the era of human scum. The appearance of Trump as a symbol, and now Putin, I think this is already a chain reaction.

When the Corona began, I thought humanity had entered a zone of unexperience, but more unimaginable things may happen in the future. But I would hate to see our culture, which we have built up over the years, perish in an instant.

I would like to avoid the unpleasant things as much as possible. The words of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick are Mr. Chikada’s motto: “I want to avoid the things I don’t like as much as possible, but if I can’t avoid them, enjoy them.

Haruo Chikada made his record debut in ’75 as Haruo Chikada & Haruofon. He is also a TV personality, radio DJ, songwriter, and producer.

Formed the Vibratones in ’81 and started the human-powered hip-hop band Vibra Stone in ’87, supporting the dawn of the Japanese rap scene. 2018, his first album under his solo name in 38 years, “It’s a Super Joke” (Victor). He has released a new album, “The Rise and Fall of the Soul. In recent years, he has been developing the band “Active” with three former members of Haruofon, and the disco x techno unit “LUNASUN”. His recent books include “Tone Wickedly Normal: The Autobiography of Haruo Chikada” (Haruo Chikada and Shu Shimoigusa/Little More) and “Kyohei Tsutsubi: The Secret of a Great Hit Maker” (Bunshun Shinsho).

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