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Katopan Blooming After Leaving Honmadekka!?TV Which She Hosted For 13 Years!

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She appeared in a witch costume at a Halloween event in Odaiba. She attracted ordinary costumers with her chest puffed out.

The news was a shock to fans.

Ayako Kato, 36, a freelance announcer, has announced that “Honma dekka! TV” (Fuji Television Network, hereafter “Homma”), where she has facilitated the program for 13 years, will graduate in April.

Homma” started in October 2009 in the late-night slot at 23:00. The host of the show is Akashiya Sanma. The content of the program is that a ‘brain group’ of experts introduces a controversial rumor from their own unique perspective. Katopan was able to keep the show running well by organizing the performers, who tended to run amok. She and Sanma-san are in perfect harmony. The ratings have reached as high as nearly 20% at times.

Recently, however, the program has been pushed down to single digits in the ratings by the drama “Partners” (TV Asahi) in the same time slot. Katopan has been the main viewer of the evening information program “Live News It! (Nippon Television Network Corporation, hereafter “It”), where she also serves as the main anchor. She must have adjusted her work schedule to accommodate her busy schedule,” said an employee at a commercial key station.

Meet the newlyweds: ……

In the background, Katopan’s personal life also seems to have been affected.

Katopan got married last June. Her partner is the president of a company that operates supermarkets and meat stores mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture. The company’s annual sales are worth 200 billion yen. He is a handsome man who graduated from Keio University and his hobby is golf.

However, because Katopan is so busy, they have a hard time taking time to relax as a couple. They are newlyweds who have only been married for less than a year. Katopan’s desire to cherish her family may have influenced their decision to graduate from “Homma.

It is not only “Homma” that is graduating. There are rumors that the aforementioned information program “It” may also leave at some point.

The ratings for “It” have been stagnant at 2-3%. The top-ranked information program broadcast in the same evening is “news NTV’s “every. 3rd part” (NTV) is around 5%. 2nd place “N-sta. The second part” (TBS) is just under 4%, and “Super J Channel” (TV Asahi) is in third place. It is in the low 3% range.

Katopan is always smiling and making her co-stars feel at ease, but she is very serious and earnest about her work. It is said that she may feel responsible for the lack of improvement in the program’s ratings and is considering leaving the show.

With her loving husband, Katopan is unable to enjoy her newlywed life to the fullest. She has been running at full speed since her days as a local announcer at Fuji Television, but perhaps it is time for her to slow down.

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