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Momori Matsuzaka Being Dashing on Stage While Filming His Drama

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One day in early March. A city advertising van was parked in front of Misato Chuo Station (Saitama Prefecture). Standing on it was Tori Matsuzaka, 33, in a suit. It was not supposed to be a ……, but it looked like a photo shoot.

The filming of the speech scene was completed in one shot, and Matsuzaka shows a smile on his face. The young politician also looked good. Photo by Takako Uno.

This is the filming of the Netflix original drama “Let’s Get Divorced. It is a home comedy co-written by Kankuro Kudo and Shizuka Oishi, and is scheduled for simultaneous worldwide distribution next year. Matsuzaka, who plays the lead role, plays a third. -generation congressman who is slutty with women.

On that day, a scene was being filmed in which Matsuzaka, who had rushed to support a female candidate for mayor of Kita-Kanto, delivers a speech in the rain. Unfortunately, however, the weather was hatefully blue. A substitute was set up For the test, but the rainfall caused by the water discharge could not be adjusted properly, and the test had to be redone many times. Then came the actual performance. She was under a lot of pressure because her costume was going to get wet, but she gave it her best shot, and she had a big smile on her face as she got off the town car.

Matsuzaka can play all kinds of roles, from comedic to serious. We can’t wait to see her as a no-good congressman.

Unpublished photo of Momori Matsuzaka in Sango during the filming of a drama.

From the April 1-8, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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