Resumption of entertainment activities one after another…Yukina Kinoshita: “Timing of remarriage coming into view”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Resumption of entertainment activities one after another…Yukina Kinoshita: “Timing of remarriage coming into view”.

Following the opening of the official fan club last November, a photo book was released this March. As he continues to take on new challenges, will he make progress in his relationship with his girlfriend? ......

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Kinoshita attends a press conference regarding the release of her first nude photo book. At the press conference, she said, “I have no regrets (in the entertainment industry).

On March 17, Yukina Kinoshita (34) released her first nude photo book “CORRECT. On the same day, she also held a press conference to commemorate the release, her first official appearance since July 2020, when she announced her retirement from show business.

Starting with her debut as a YouTube star last October, Kinoshita has been resuming her activities one after another, including the opening of her official fan club “yukinanchi” in November of the same year. However, it seems that the road to a full-fledged comeback is still far from over.

Although she has started her activities, it is still difficult for her to return to the entertainment industry,” said Kinoshita. It is especially difficult to return to TV. The biggest obstacle is sponsors. At the press conference for her photo book, she maintained her position as an “ordinary person” and did not answer any questions about the “tapioca riot. It will be difficult for her to make a full-fledged comeback if she is still unable to get rid of her ‘inflammatory image.

At the end of June last year, this magazine witnessed them on a date. At one point, Miko was playing soccer with her daughters at a park.

Kinoshita continues to struggle at work. As reported in the July 23, 2021 issue of “FRIDAY,” he and his girlfriend, J-League player Hidetoshi Miyuki (28), are living together in Kinoshita’s apartment. Kinoshita’s two daughters seem to miss him very much, and Miyuki sometimes takes them to and from school.

Miyuki is also supporting his girlfriend by visiting her at the press conference for the release of her photo book on March 17. The two are now ready to take the next step in their relationship, and this year is the perfect time for them to do so. A friend of Sanko’s reveals, “He is very excited.

They started dating after Kinoshita retired from show business in July 2020. Sanko has always said of Ms. Kinoshita, ‘She is a person who can take care of her children, cook, and do all the things a woman should do. She is like my ideal wife. Of course, she also has a desire to get married. Sanko is the type of person who is serious and takes anniversaries seriously, so I think it would not be surprising if an announcement of marriage was made around the summer when they started dating.”

There are other reasons why marriage is rumored for this summer. A source in the entertainment production industry reveals.

The growth of her child, whom she cherishes more than anything else, is also a tailwind. Her younger sister will celebrate her seventh birthday in the summer. She attends an integrated international school, but generally speaking, she is at the age when she is about to enter elementary school. This may be a trigger for her to remarry.

It may be sooner than you think to hear the good news.

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