Sentenced to 20 years in prison for kidnapping 2 girls…37-year-old man’s “disgusting, indecent and violent acts” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sentenced to 20 years in prison for kidnapping 2 girls…37-year-old man’s “disgusting, indecent and violent acts”

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Defendant Ito at the time of the prosecution. He showed no signs of remorse in court.

The defendant folded his arms and looked frustrated, and the presiding judge angrily told him, “I’m sorry, but I can’t help it.

He repeated unnatural excuses and showed no remorse. We have no choice but to sentence him to a very long term.

Mito District Court on March 22. Judge Keita Nakajima sentenced Hitoshi Ito, 37, an unemployed man from Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, to 20 years in prison (24 years is the suggested sentence) for indecent kidnapping and forced sexual intercourse. Ito abducted two girls, A (14 at the time) and B (12), in junior high school and elementary school, respectively, in 2007. It is alleged that he repeatedly committed indecent acts. Judge Nakajima declared that the defendant’s conduct was “an abomination that showed no regard for the dignity of the victims.

Ms. A, who lives in Ibaraki Prefecture, was abducted in May 2007. She posted messages on a social networking service, saying, “I’m going through a lot of bad things, I want to die,” and hinting at suicide. Ito replied that he would be her advisor and lured her to his home. At first, Mr. Ito lived with his mother in a two-story house, but at the time of the incident, he lived alone. His mother had been away from home to care for his grandmother,” said a reporter from the society department of a national newspaper.

Punched in the face and forced sexual intercourse for six months

The house in Tochigi Prefecture where the girls were held captive by defendant Ito.

In court, the prosecution revealed the horrific violence and indecent acts committed against Ms. A, who was held captive.

According to the prosecution, defendant Ito repeatedly assaulted Ms. A, yelling and punching her in the face. ‘Do you want a master-servant relationship? Do you want a relationship like a husband and wife? For six months, he had forced sexual intercourse with Ms. A, who was no longer able to resist. They put a collar and chain on her so she could not escape. It is said that Ito filmed these scenes with a digital camera and created as many as 161 pieces of child pornography.

The second victim, Ms. B, went missing in November 2007, when she too posted on a social networking service that she would “die tomorrow. It is alleged that Ito sent messages to Ms. B, instructed her to turn off her smartphone, and lured her home to evade searches by her relatives and the police.

Ito sent a direct message to Ms. B saying, “Be the one to talk to the girl (Ms. A) who came to see you six months ago. When he invited her into his home, defendant Ito confiscated Ms. B’s phone and shoes. Ms. B, who felt fear, rushed to a nearby police box, and the incident was discovered. The police investigation led to the discovery of Mr. A, who was also being held captive,” said another reporter from a national newspaper.

During police questioning and in court, defendant Ito consistently denied that he had tried to kidnap her. The defense argued that he let the two girls into his home because he was protecting them to stop them from committing suicide, and that it was not kidnapping. However, the defense argued that the two girls were not kidnapped because they were taken into custody to stop them from killing themselves.

“The judge noted that the series of crimes were ‘based on a firm plan. ‘ He emphasized that the ‘ugly acts were committed under a master-servant relationship’ and ‘so gruesome that one would want to turn a blind eye. Rejecting the defense’s arguments, the judge fully accepted the indictment, calling it ‘a despicable crime that took advantage of the young victim’s inexperience.

Ito left the courtroom with a disgruntled look on his face. There was no sign of remorse in his appearance.

The first victim was confined for six months and forced to have sexual intercourse.
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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