Kabuki Industry Angry Over “Papa’s” Ignorance of “Man-Proofing” Rather than “Papa’s” Multiple Relationships. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kabuki Industry Angry Over “Papa’s” Ignorance of “Man-Proofing” Rather than “Papa’s” Multiple Relationships.

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Ebizo Ichikawa has been reported to be in “multiple relationships” with a number of women. He also has a family-oriented side as he rides his bicycle with his bins…

Three million yen. I donated the money you all gave me.”

On March 19, Ichikawa Ebizo revealed that he had donated all of the 3 million yen in gifts (throwaway change) collected from general users on the video application “TikTok” to organizations such as those that protect the natural environment. Four days later, “Josei Seven” reported that Ebizo had been “picking up” several women on social networking sites.

( https://www.news-postseven.com/archives/20220324_1738066.html?DETAIL )

According to the article, Ebizo frequently invited ordinary women and influencers to meet with him using the DM (direct mail) function on Instagram and TikTok. He is said to have repeatedly picked up women on so-called “social networking sites.

Many comedians and actors have used social networking to pick up women, but we had never imagined that even Ebizo, the next “Danjuro” of the Kabuki world, would use such a method….

Last October, Ebizo was reported to have secretly met with several women in the countryside. On that occasion, he was even photographed handing over a wad of bills outdoors.

This time, under the “priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease,” four women, A through D, were seen meeting secretly with women and handing over money at a hotel to have relations with men and women. 44-year-old Ebizo He showed us how popular he is with women in their 20s,” says a reporter from a sports newspaper.

The office said it would not be involved in his private life, but urged him to be careful about going out in the “man-boho. As for the money collected from the general public via SNS, he responded, “I will discuss with the person himself to donate the entire amount. If this was the donation mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is possible that he made the donation in a hurry after receiving an inquiry from Josei Seven.

In the background of collecting money from his fans on SNS, he has been picking up his favorite types by DM and meeting them secretly in the “man-proof” area. It is no wonder that he decided to make the donation as a way to atone for his guilt.

Of course, Mr. Ebizo is single, and there may be no problem if he has affairs with multiple women. However, what I thought was “cunning” when I read the article was that he asked the women, “Do you have a favor to ask me? or “What do you want with me?” and so on, making it so that the woman has the initiative. I can tell that he is used to playing with women by the fact that he does it in such a way that they will not later say that he forced them into a relationship.

I miss Mao.

Ebizo is said to have said in front of a woman. Perhaps he is looking for his next wife, or perhaps he is just “developing his art”….

Ebizo has made no mention of his scandal on his blog or social networking sites, but as is customary in Nashien, his relationships with women are tolerated by both the people concerned and his patrons. However, this is not the case when it comes to ignoring “man-proof” relationships.

In order to continue performing on stage after the coronary disaster, performers and audiences have worked together to prevent infection. Even so, there have been times when the stage had to be cancelled due to the presence of infected people. Many of the other actors and people involved in the production said, “What the hell are you doing? I think that Shochiku, the promoter of Naritaya, should take proper measures to deal with the “manbou” (disregard), instead of just indulging the actor because he is a big name in Naritaya.

As a father of two children, Ebizo should probably calm down a bit and polish his “art” a bit more. –.

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