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Nagisa Sekimizu: “I want to have a good time when I get married.

Interview to Commemorate the Release of "Wedding High" Film

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The movie “Wedding High,” written by Bakarhythm, is currently in theaters nationwide. The film is an ensemble comedy set in a wedding ceremony starring a talented wedding planner played by Ryoko Shinohara, and features a special interview with Nagisa Sekimizu, the actress who plays Haruka Nitta, the bride.

I’m a fan of Bakarhythm.

I have always really loved “Fictitious Office Lady Diary” and have always wanted to be in one of Bakarhythm’s productions someday. When I received the script, I was already excited! I couldn’t wait to play the role (laughs).

–What were your impressions of Ryoko Shinohara, who plays the role of the astute wedding planner who supports the newlyweds, and Rinya Nakamura, who plays the groom?

Ms. Shinohara is a very pretty person. She always has a smile on her face, which naturally improves the atmosphere on the set. At one point, she was so cute and senior that she was laughing the whole time. Mr. Shinohara and the other seniors pulled me along throughout the shoot.

Mr. Rinya Nakamura, who played the groom, also gave me an impression of a soft and gentle person from the first time I met him. He is always considerate of those around him and is truly a “can-do” man.

They make you look as beautiful as you are.

–How did you feel when you actually put on your wedding dress?

I could see the point of working so hard to get in shape. It’s very tight. A wedding dress makes you look as beautiful as you are beautiful. If I were to get married, I would work out very seriously (laughs).

In this day and age, many weddings are forced to scale back the size of the reception, or to begin with, many weddings are held overseas, inviting only relatives. But when I get married, I want to invite a lot of my friends and have a good time because it is a great opportunity. This film has strengthened my desire to do so.

Anyway, the film is interesting from every corner, so I hope you can enjoy it from beginning to end with ease.

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