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Ukraine Warns of ‘Fearful Assassination Plot Looming Against Putin’ in Depth

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President Putin is becoming increasingly isolated at home and abroad. He no longer seems to listen calmly (Image: AFP/Afro)

Assets of Russia’s central bank frozen, seven major banks excluded from the international payments network SWIFT, ban on oil imports, low tariff trade preferences Withdrawal of the measures …… .

Western European countries are increasing economic sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Switzerland, a permanent neutral country, has also joined the sanctions. Since many wealthy Russians have assets in the country, more damage will be inevitable.

The Russian economy is growing increasingly exhausted. The domestic currency, the ruble, has fallen sharply. Before the invasion of Ukraine, it was at 70 The exchange rate was in the low ruble range, but since the decision to exclude it from SWIFT, the exchange rate has been in the same range. 120 It has dropped to the ruble. As a result, there are long lines at bank ATMs every day, and it is said that the country will default on its foreign currency-denominated government bonds in April,” said a reporter from the economics section of a national newspaper.

If the economy collapses, it will be more than a war. The people’s livelihoods would become unfeasible.

The people who support Vladimir Putin are Russia’s newly emerging oligarchs and wealthy individuals. They have pledged their loyalty to President Putin through their near-monopoly of natural resources and foreign business and huge profits. But with severe economic sanctions, this profit system is failing. Some of the “oligarchs” objected to the invasion of Ukraine and There is also a movement against President Putin.

Assassinations, sudden deaths, accidents. ……

As if to corroborate this information, in March 20 On April 1, the head of the General Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine made a shocking post on the ministry’s Facebook page. It begins by stating.

[Assassination , sudden death, accident …… . The Russian top brass is looking for a way to get rid of Vladimir Putin.

Continue quoting, from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s post.

[Joon]. An anti-Putin group is being created in the upper echelons of Russian politics and business. Their goal is to remove Putin from power. Their goal is to restore Putin’s economic ties to the West, which were lost with the invasion of Ukraine.

They have even decided on a successor. The Russian Federal Security Service ( FSB (the “Agency”) Secretary Aleksandr Bortnikov. The former Soviet Union’s intelligence agency, the KGB He was born and raised in 08 He has been in his current position since May 2008. However, President Vladimir Putin, impatient with the slow progress of the invasion of Ukraine, is believed to have placed the blame on him, and the two are said to have fallen out.

The Ukrainian authorities have exposed a plot to assassinate President Putin. Could this really happen? Professor Itsuro Nakamura of Tsukuba University, an expert on the situation in Russia, answers the following questions.

It is quite possible. President Putin is a man of his word. It is said that he has been suffering from a disease that prevents him from controlling his own behavior for about six years. It’s very possible that he’s lost the ability to make normal decisions with a sense of physical and mental balance.

There is a fear that his hatred of the West, which is trying to drive Russia into a corner, is unstoppable and is running out of control. 20 President Putin, who has been in power for two years, will no longer be calm enough to listen.”

President Putin has repeatedly run amok and is becoming isolated at home and abroad. It is possible that the Ukrainian side is arbitrarily leaking information about the assassination, but even if they were to get away with it, it would be impossible for him to remain in his current position. Is the dictator’s last hour approaching?

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