Yu Shirota, Tsuyoshi Ayano, Shimon Okura…Where are the victims of “Garcy CH” now? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yu Shirota, Tsuyoshi Ayano, Shimon Okura…Where are the victims of “Garcy CH” now?

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Tsuyoshi Ayano’s private life was exposed in “Garcy Ch. The president of his office doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem…

There is no end to the number of victims of the “garcinia gun” that is shaking the entertainment world.

The epicenter is Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” the former president of an apparel company accused of the BTS “meet me” scam. Having “lost everything” in the series of incidents, he has been exposing the secret faces of celebrities he had been in contact with on YouTube one after another. His channel already has about 1 million subscribers, including sub-channels. Even entertainment agencies, which initially ignored the incident, are now unable to ignore it.

Among them, actor Masaru Shirota has suffered a megaton of damage.

He was the victim of an incident, but it was revealed that he had been working in the dark to recover the amount of his own damages. It is unclear whether this had any effect on him, but two of the commercial videos in which he appeared have been deleted.

Shirota is currently starring in the musical “Curtains,” which is currently being performed. According to a woman who recently saw the play

I was surprised to see him losing a lot of weight. He has always been a person who does not hesitate to lose weight for his roles, but even discounting that, he looked like he had lost a lot of weight. Whether it had anything to do with it or not, the timing of the incident was so perfect that it was worrisome to watch.”

He said.

Similar to Shirota, actor Tsuyoshi Ayano was also criticized by Higashitani.

He was mostly criticized for his bad taste in alcohol and women. However, in an interview with the Weekly Bunshun, the president of Ayano’s agency said

“It’s not a big deal.

The company’s management team was not in a position to make such a statement. Indeed, Ayano’s episodes regarding drinking and women are too numerous to enumerate, and he is treated as a “normal driver” in the entertainment world.

The Internet is speculating about Ayano’s Instagram pictures because they have all been deleted, but it seems that this has nothing to do with Gershwin’s revelations. He deletes his Insta-images every time he starts a film, and this time it seems to have been associated with Gershie’s revelation. His genuine fans are not at all upset, but rather, “It’s better that it is not illegal.

Still, there is cause for concern. Some of Azumaya’s videos have over 2 million views and have a great deal of influence. In particular, the “viewership” rate among people in the entertainment industry is unusually high, and even at work, people ask, “Did you see the one of Gurthy? This is a conversation that is being held every day. A reporter for a sports newspaper reported the following.

There are reports that Ms. Ayano tends to be shunned by some production companies that have actresses. Since “Garcy Ch” has a high industry rating, we cannot deny the possibility of further impact on the show.

He points out.

Last but not least is actor Shimon Okura, who is currently living with Miyu Ikeda, a.k.a. “Michyopa.

Although his relationship with Michyopa lasted six and a half years and had a strong image of pure love, Higashitani revealed that they had been “playing with fire” for some time. However, Higashitani revealed that she had been “playing with fire” for some time and apologized, but it was already too late and many fans became disillusioned.

However, some people in the vicinity have said, “It’s impossible,” about the “taking home” a beautiful woman on a trip to Korea, which is the key point of Higashitani’s story.

However, according to the nature of the relationship at the time, Higashitani was in a higher position than Higashitani. Okura was very level-headed. I don’t think it was possible for him to ‘kick out’ Higashitani from the room.

Regardless of the truth, there has been no particular change in the relationship between Okura and Michyopa. According to some women’s magazines, Okura told Michyopa, “I’ll be reborn! He apologized with a serious expression on his face. It is said that the two have overcome their difficulties and are now ready to get married.

Shirota, Ayano, and Shimon Okura…it seems that even the victims of the “garcinia gun” have been affected in different ways.

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