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What President Zelensky “wanted to convey” in his speech in Japan

What we should consider now from Ukraine's information dissemination

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Today, 18:00. President Zelensky’s speech to Japan. Expectations for Japan are… Photo courtesy of Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/Reuters/Afro

Japan and Ukraine are 8167 km apart. But I think we share the same desire for freedom.

Ukrainian President Zelensky began by saying.

Following speeches in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Germany, and Israel, he delivered his speech to the Diet online in Japan on March 23.

The world is unstable because of the war in Ukraine. We need a strong message. As a responsible nation, Japan was the first Asian country to express pressure on Russia and support for Ukraine.

President Zelensky’s speech continued with thanks to Japan. He addressed the damage caused by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the international damage caused by it, and even looked at the subsequent reconstruction of the area.

The Japanese people have a wonderful ability to create and maintain harmony,” he said. Ukrainians love Japanese culture. Despite the distance, we share common values.”

While also including words such as “sarin,” which evokes the Aum Shinrikyo cult, and “tsunami,” his speech for Japan was much more restrained than his speeches in other countries.

Some have said that he may have had “low expectations” for Japan, which does not have a military and is far away.

Some people say that Japan, which does not have a military and is far away, “may have had low expectations of the Japanese. Many of our citizens have been forced to leave their homeland. International organizations are not functioning to protect our country and our children. We must strive for peace.”

The first speech given in Japan by a foreign head of state was unexpectedly brief. This may be an indication of Japan’s current position in the international community.

On the other hand, Masanori Tsujita, a researcher of modern history, pointed out in an article published this morning

<This war has to be pacified at some point. Demonizing Russia makes it impossible to negotiate or compromise. Because the devil must be exterminated. This is also true when a third country acts as a mediator. Although it is obvious that Russia is the aggressor in a war of aggression, we must not forget that they are human beings and can communicate with us. Since many wartime intelligence statements are quite provocative, we should take a breath and not fall into the trap of choosing between the two.What to keep in mind before Zelensky’s speech”)

War must be stopped. Is there anything that Japan, the world’s only A-bombed country, can do?

I hope that a new path will be opened for those of us living in this country of “low expectations.

  • Photo courtesy. Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/Reuters/Afro

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