Where Maya Kobayashi’s “Ichikawa Ebizo’s Denial of Womanizing and Childish Affairs” Revealing Video Leads to | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Where Maya Kobayashi’s “Ichikawa Ebizo’s Denial of Womanizing and Childish Affairs” Revealing Video Leads to

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Maya Kobayashi and Kunimitsu announced their divorce on March 10. Maya began exposing Ichikawa Ebizo’s personal life in a video…

My sister also asked me for advice.” She said, “I’m in pain, I want to die, I want a divorce.”

Maya Kobayashi, a freelance announcer, released two videos titled “Maya Kobayashi Exposed” on her ex-husband Gin Kunimitsu’s You Tube channel, Gin Akira.

According to Kobayashi, she and Gin divorced in April ’21. She said that Ebizo told her that she did not have to announce the divorce to the public, partly on his recommendation.

However, in late October, Ebizo posted a blog titled “Welcome Home. Maya revealed that she had also met her niece Botan Ichikawa and bins Horikoshi for the first time in a while. Maya was angry that even though it was not the first time she had met them after their marriage, the way she wrote the blog made it seem as if she had finally met them after leaving Mr. Gin.

Kobayashi then revealed this backstory.

I then asked a Kabuki insider about it. I was told by a Kabuki official afterward that it was to camouflage his play with women. As some of you may have seen, Ebizo was photographed by a weekly magazine.

In order to camouflage his love affair with a woman, he posted a very big private picture on his blog without asking me for permission.”

He claimed that he and Kobayashi had made their reunion public in order to turn the public’s attention away from the weekly magazine report at that time.

When it was later reported in a weekly magazine that Kobayashi was living with Gin again, Ebizo’s fans flooded him with e-mails and comments criticizing him. Kobayashi, however, says he has kept quiet about it because he loves his niece and nephew.

Maya also complained about Ebizo’s attitude toward her sister and Ebizo’s wife, Mao. When Mao was in the hospital, she came to visit him and said, “What do you want me to do? and left after five seconds. He also revealed that when he was there for 5 to 10 minutes, he enjoyed looking at horse racing newspapers even in front of Maya’s parents,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

Ebizo also revealed that he allowed Mao to continue some of the procedures that she had said she wanted to quit. There had been reports that Kobayashi had forced her to undergo these procedures, and she said she wanted to “clear up this misunderstanding” because it was Ebizo who did not allow her to quit.

As expected, Ebizo could not remain silent. Unless Mr. Ebizo refutes the report, it will be Maya’s one-sided assertion. But why did he and Mr. Gin start talking like this? Perhaps they were taking advantage of the popularity of “expose-style” YouTubers. And the title is “Maya Kobayashi Exposed.

She said she has a lot more to say, so I guess she is determined to continue.

Kobayashi said that he had been there to pick up Botan and the bins, but Ebizo had not, and accused him of not being there, saying, “If you look at my blog, you will see that I didn’t pick up Botan and the bins. He also spat at Ebizo’s fans, saying that they were being dragged down by Ebizo’s ideas.

This mud-slinging involving Mao also. It seems as if no one will be happy if they continue with the story, but we wonder where things will settle down….

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