Surprising 3rd place in the “Celebrities I’d Like to Travel by Rail with” survey results. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Surprising 3rd place in the “Celebrities I’d Like to Travel by Rail with” survey results.

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No. 1 is still that person.

A leisurely train trip. What kind of celebrity would you like to take a relaxing train trip with?

The Railway Trend Research Institute, which conducts research and surveys on railroads, conducted an online survey on March 5-6, 2022, on celebrities with whom they would like to enjoy a train trip, and received responses from 285 men and women from all over Japan.

No. 1 was Reiji, younger brother of the comic duo Nakagawa Family. Reiji, who has professed his love of trains since childhood, is one of the leading “iron geeks” in the entertainment industry. He has appeared on many train programs, including the new travel show “Tomochika Reiji no Mousou Train” (BS Nittele), and his image as “the Reiji of the Nakagawa family when it comes to trains” is well-known among the Japanese people.

Reiji has sublimated his love of trains into an art form (AFLO)

Reasons given for their choice included: “I think he will teach me how to enjoy trains” (Saitama Prefecture / 20s / Female) and “I can tell that he is a great lover of trains” (Kanagawa Prefecture / 50s / Male).



Reiji is also good at imitating railway-related characters, such as Keihan train announcers and JR conductors. I want him to do an impersonation of a conductor” (Chiba Prefecture / 30s / Female), “He does good impersonations and seems to have a lot of knowledge about trains. Reiji is sure to turn a boring train trip into a hilarious experience.

Second place went to Tamori, a nationally known TV host. Tamori is a representative of railroad fans in the entertainment industry. He founded the “Tamori Train Club” on the long-running variety program “Tamori Club” (TV Asahi), and his maniacal railroad projects have become popular. In his travel and culture variety program “Bratamori” (NHK), he shares his knowledge of the region and its history, and is also known for his deep knowledge of culture.

Many people sent love calls to Tamori, with comments such as, “I would like to hear about his knowledge of railroads and geography” (Fukuoka Prefecture / 40s / Male) and “If we travel together, we will be able to enjoy our trip from a new perspective” (Ehime Prefecture / 30s / Female).

Tamori also participated in the legendary daytime program “Morita Kazuyoshi Hour: Laugh It Up! (Fuji Television Network, Inc.), which was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest live broadcast single host. (Fuji Television Network). Some expected his attentiveness as a host, saying, “He shares his knowledge at key points without going into too much depth, and seems to maintain just the right balance in our relationship.

In third place was actor Yo Oizumi. Oizumi is a nationally popular actor who has appeared in many movies, TV dramas, and commercials, including the role of Minamoto no Yoritomo in the historical drama “Kamakura no Dono no 13inin” (NHK). His unpretentious character is well known for his ability to talk, and he also entertained the audience at the “Kohaku Uta Gassen” (NHK) in 2020 and 2009, which he hosted.

Although not directly associated with “trains,” he would certainly like to travel… (AFLO)

Some of the respondents also expressed their expectation for a pleasant talk with Oizumi, saying, “I think he talks interestingly and I won’t be bored until we arrive” (Tochigi Prefecture / 30s / Male) and “I think we can travel slowly and enjoy the conversation” (Gunma Prefecture / 30s / Female).

Another program that helped Oizumi get his big break was the local Hokkaido variety show “Suiyodo-Do-Ido” (HTB). Many of the programs are not limited to the whole country, but also include travel around the world, and some people associate “Yo Oizumi with travel,” such as a man in his 50s in Hokkaido who said, “I would love to travel with him on a trip like the one he did on ‘Suiyodo-Do-Do-Kai'” (Hokkaido / 50s / Male).

In fourth place was actor Seiji Rokkaku. Rokkaku is a railroad fan and a “drinking iron” who enjoys drinking and traveling by train. His program “Seiji Rokkaku’s Drinking Tetsudou Main Line – Japan Trip” (NHK BS Premium) is one of the most relaxing programs.

I thought it would be fun to go around while drinking together while watching the program” (Hiroshima Prefecture, Male, 60s), “I saw a program on drinking railroads on TV and thought I would like to go with him. It would be fun to travel around at will like that” (Niigata Prefecture / 50s / Female).

Fifth place went to actor Ryusei Yokohama. Yokohama boasts overwhelming popularity among the younger generation with his appearance in the drama “DCU: Diver with Handcuffs” (TBS) and his first starring role in a movie, “Usookuii,” which will be released in February. This year marks the 10th anniversary of his acting debut. Yokohama’s success is likely to continue, as he was ranked No. 1 in the actor category in the “Actors and Actresses Likely to be Active in 2022” (according to TV Magazine’s editorial department).

It is amazing how popular he is to be ranked 4th in this list…! (AFLO)

The love calls from women for such a handsome actor were enthusiastic: “He has a nice face. He looks like he would enjoy traveling” (Ishikawa Prefecture / 30s / Female) and “He has a beautiful face, so I think I could look at him with the scenery for a long time” (Hyogo Prefecture / 20s / Female). He is handsome but polite due to his athletic background, and he seems to like Japanese sweets, so his tastes match with mine” (Tokyo / 40s / Male).

The top 6 were Tetsuro Degawa, Muro Tsuyoshi, Sandwich Man, and others. One respondent chose Tsuyoshi Shinjo, manager of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (BIG BOSS), because “he seems to entertain me,” and several popular figures received votes.

Maybe touring on a motorcycle would be nice? (AFLO)

In a world where it is difficult to travel due to the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus, the “Go To Travel” tourism support program, which has been suspended, will be resumed on April 1, and the “prefectural discount” will be offered to local residents from April 1. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has announced that the program will be expanded to the block. The day when people will be able to freely enjoy train travel again is just around the corner.

Interview and text by Kanako Higashi (Director, Railway Trend Research Institute)

  • Interview and text Kanaiko Higashi

    Director, Railway Trend Research Institute

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