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I’m so jealous! Mame-Shiba Chikuwa’s “soft bed dive!”

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Enjoying my favorite fluffy bed! Was …… seen?
Look, look, look! The bed here is passable!
Feel so good!

Do you ever feel like diving into bed as soon as you arrive at a hotel? That’s not just for humans. A dog rolls around on the bed, wiggling and rolling around. If you look closely, you can see he’s smiling and happy! Tweets like these are soothing everyone’s hearts on Twitter.

Chikuwa-chan, a Mame-Shiba boy, was traveling with his family on this day. In the video, you can see Chikuwa-chan frolicking on the bed at the hotel where they were traveling! He is rubbing his own scent on the bed. It is nice that the hotel allows you to stay with your dog, isn’t it?

You can also enjoy the trip on Instagram♪ (Click here for Chikuwa’s Instagram account→@mameshiba_chikuwa)

You can imagine from Chikuwa’s exuberant mood that the trip was a lot of fun… and you can tell that her family loves her very much!

I was originally interested in Shiba Inus, so I had a good chance to meet him. When he was a puppy, he was too much of a naughty boy and it was hard to take care of him, but now he is spending his time leisurely and getting along well with others. (But he still pees frequently. (But he does pee frequently. LOL)”

Chikuwa-chan’s master recounts their first encounter like this. No matter where you look in the photos or videos, you can see her smiley face with the corners of her mouth slightly upturned.

Can you give me one of those, too? I’d love some!
It feels so good to lounge around between the comforter and blankets~♪

In addition, you can also see Chikuwa-chan as a small child on the YouTube channel “Mame-Shiba Chikuwa. Seeing Chikuwa practicing “Ote (hand gesture)” with all her might makes us smile too.

Chikuwa-chan is always happy to be surrounded by her loving family. Today, too, she spreads her cute smile and happiness to everyone.

(You can follow Chikuwa-chan’s daily life on her Twitter account @shiba_chikuwa. Or search for “Mame-Shiba-Chikuwa”!)

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