Forcing thousands…abducting children “for that purpose you don’t want to imagine.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Forcing thousands…abducting children “for that purpose you don’t want to imagine.”

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President Putin is overwhelmingly popular in Russia. He is becoming isolated in the international community because of his outburst against Ukraine (Image: AFP/Afro)

Barbaric acts similar to the forced removal of people by the Nazis during World War II are occurring in the 21st century. It is unimaginable that civilians are being taken away to another country.

The city council of Mariupol, in southern Ukraine, issued a statement through social networking sites on March 19 condemning the actions of Russian troops. Russian forces forcibly took thousands of Ukrainians in a period of about a week. It is believed that they were taken into Russian territory. Some of them are children. The report also said that a large number of them included The number of people in the area is said to be over 2,000.

The Russian military is intensifying its attacks. In Mariupol, an art theater where about 400 residents took refuge was bombed, cutting off food and water and isolating more than 300,000 civilians. In the southern city of Konstantinovka, the hypersonic missile Kinjal was reportedly used to destroy a fuel storage facility.

President Putin seems to be getting quite impatient as the military action, which was initially assumed to be able to overrun the capital Kiev in a few days, is proceeding slowly. The longer it drags on, the more criticism and pressure from the international community will increase.

From now on, he will use any means necessary to bring Ukraine to its knees. The hypersonic missiles used can carry nuclear warheads. This is a message from the Russian side that they are ready to use nuclear weapons.

Inhumane forces suspected of involvement

As mentioned above, there appear to be forced removals of Ukrainians by Russian forces in several cities, including Mariupol. According to the “New York Times” magazine, residents who have been captured have been searched for cell phones and personal belongings and taken into Russia without passports. They are being transported to Taganrog, a town more than 100 km away from Mariupol.

Taganrog was home to a camp for foreigners who had been hostile to the U.S. after World War II. A large number of Japanese soldiers were also interned there. They were not given enough food and clothes, and many of them died due to hard labor day and night. There are concerns that Ukrainians sent to Taganrog may also be sent to forced labor. In the first place, abducting civilians is itself a serious crime in violation of international humanitarian law.

Suspected of complicity in the renditions are troops from the Chechen Republic, which belongs to Russia. On March 14, the head of Chechnya’s Kadyrov posted on a social networking service that he was “at an airfield near Kiev with Russian troops. His private army of about 20,000 men is called “Kadyrovtsy” and is feared around the world.

They are soldiers who follow President Putin’s wishes to the letter and are willing to commit inhumane acts in order to accomplish their mission. They will use any means at their disposal, including abduction, torture, and killing. They are said to have been involved in three previous assassination attempts on Ukrainian President Zelensky.

It is not only key government officials who are targeted. They are suspected of taking young children. According to the U.S. magazine Newsweek, Ukrainian authorities have obtained a video of a “Kadyrovtsi” soldier reporting to Emir Kadyrov as follows. Unfortunately, there were no children inside, only crying nurses.

What does Emir Kadyrov plan to do with the children after taking them away?

He said, “The children cannot do hard labor. Perhaps he is trying to brainwash them by thoroughly educating them in praise of Kadyrov from an early age. I think they intend to raise them to be loyal soldiers of “Kadyrovtsy” and use them as their own hands and feet.

The Russian Defense Ministry also recognized the taking of the Ukrainians. The Russian Ministry of Defense also acknowledges the taking of the Ukrainians, saying that it is “part of comprehensive support measures to save the Ukrainian people.

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