Daimon Shikun Exam Riots to Dispel Dr. Kinoshita’s “Adultery and Power Harassment” Image? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Daimon Shikun Exam Riots to Dispel Dr. Kinoshita’s “Adultery and Power Harassment” Image?

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Jaguar Yokota and his wife, Dr. and Mrs. Kinoshita, have been in the news for their eldest son, Daimyoshi’s, high school entrance exam…

Should I take the junior high school entrance exam these past few years? Or should we limit ourselves to high school entrance exams? This debate has become an unavoidable issue for parents with children.

There is one family that has experienced both sides of this debate and is always at the center of it. They are professional wrestler Jagger Yokota and her husband, Hirokatsu Kinoshita. They also have an eldest son, Daishi.

This year, Daishin took the high school entrance exam, and he and Mr. Kinoshita reported on Twitter and YouTube how it went. It is a relief for those watching to know that they will be going on to high school. ……

Three years ago, the Jaguar family appeared on the morning news program “Sukkiri! (Nippon Television Network Corporation), a project to “closely follow the entrance examination for junior high school” of Daishi. The program followed Daishin, whose deviation score was in the 40s as of September, for six months in order to help him pass his first choice of junior and senior high schools with a deviation score of 60 or higher.

However, he was not accepted. In the end, he went on to a public junior high school.

The challenge seemed reckless to parents who had taken the junior high school entrance exam and to those who had taken the exam before. It was not because of his academic ability, but because I had serious doubts about his parents’ attitude toward the entrance examination.

Mr. Jagger said that the reason he decided to appear on the program was because his son ‘wanted to be interviewed closely to motivate him,’ but it is said that the junior high school entrance exam is an exam for parents. However, it was not clear at all how the parents thought about and dealt with the situation until the very end” (an executive at a major cram school).

One month after the end of his entrance examinations, Jaguar published “Father and Son vs. Mother’s Battle for the Exam: The Great Challenge of Entering a Very Difficult Junior High School from a 40-Yield Score” (Shodensha, Inc.). The book realistically depicted the simple questions and struggles of mothers with children who took the Jaguar junior high school entrance exam, and in the end, the Jaguar family’s junior high school entrance exam was generally well received, due in part to the favorable reception of the Jaguar.

To be honest, maybe that wasn’t a good thing.”

This is the opinion of an entertainment professional who knows the Jaguar family.

Basically, I heard that Mr. Jagger was opposed to the close interview. I think it was Kinoshita who pushed him away. In 2002, he was accused of saying to his adulterous partner, ‘I want you to have my child because I want to make you a doctor,’ and his credibility was shattered. The reason he saved it was because of the junior high school entrance examination project. There was an unavoidable background that reinforced that view.”

The year before last, however, the Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) reported on Kinoshita’s “power harassment of a nurse at her workplace.

As Kinoshita found himself in a pinch again, he began, coincidentally or not, to “appeal to his family” on YouTube and other social media. As a result, the release of videos related to the high school entrance examinations escalated. Whether this was intentional or not, it seems to me that this was just another way to increase his popularity…. In fact, the attention is increasing.

He opened “Jaguar Clinic” in Saitama City in ’20. He must think it is essential to appeal to his family’s happiness in order to attract more customers.

Indeed, the video suggests that Dr. Kinoshita may not have taken much precaution against Daweishi’s high school entrance exam. In the video uploaded last December, Dr. Kinoshita talks about the content of the third-party interview at the junior high school, and at the beginning of the video, he says to Daweishi, who was late for the interview on the day of the meeting

“It’s not polite to keep your father waiting.

He reprimanded her, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

I was so good that I never went to a meeting.

He boasted, “I’m a very proud man.

Did you all know about the dual enrollment system?”

He implicitly criticized the system. As for the high schools recommended by the school

“I didn’t know the school at all.”
The teacher did not recommend a school that would be a good fit for my son.”

The “Mere Old Man” is not the only one who has expressed his dissatisfaction with the company’s products.

Everything is off the mark,” he said. They do not even know the basic structure of the high school entrance examination until the day of the interview, and they are constantly criticizing the system and the school’s response. In the first place, he is not ‘disrespectful to the father’ but ‘disrespectful to the school teacher’ to Da Weishi, who was late for the interview.

His open disparagement of the school and the entrance examination system has been attracting attention, but Kinoshita’s attitude of approving and sympathizing with his behavior may be a problem as well.

In the end, Daweishi finally passed his high school entrance exam on the 10th school, but in the video of his report, he referred to the school that rejected him as a “shitty school,” and Mr. Kinoshita also intensified his words, saying, “I don’t agree with it.

In any case, it is not a bad thing if the family bond is strengthened through the project and the report. If it increases their popularity and removes their past image, it would be a win-win situation. Three years from now, the students will take the university entrance exam. I wonder if they will show us another “story” of a parent and child taking the entrance exam…

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