Tsubasa Honda: Will he change his line of work from game youtuber due to his sad comment about Kodoji? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tsubasa Honda: Will he change his line of work from game youtuber due to his sad comment about Kodoji?

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Tsubasa Honda’s comments on TV shows have become a hot topic on social networking sites. She’s now an influencer with over 2 million YouTube subscribers.

I want someone who isn’t someone my mom used to do it for me.”

Actress Tsubasa Honda appeared on the March 17 broadcast of “Daisuke Nakai, Tsubasa Honda, and Yona Yona Love Child-san” (TBS) and confessed her “type of men I dislike. Her comments have become a topic of conversation on the Internet.

The Internet has been abuzz with the news. In a project called “Doki-Doki Date SP,” the program set up Honda’s ideal date. His date was actor Aoki Noboru.

Do you have an ideal boyfriend, or is there anything you don’t like about men unless they are like this?

Honda was asked

I want someone who can handle life on his own. I want someone who is not someone who has had his mother do it for him. I want someone who has done things on his own.

He said that he prefers a man who is independent. He continues

When you live alone, you realize that you have to clean all these places,” he said. You realize that you have to clean the drains, the washing machine, and so on. I can’t live with someone who doesn’t know that.

He also added why he didn’t like it.

In response to this, the Internet

I understand exactly what you mean.
It’s refreshing to hear Tsubasa say what she wants to say.

The response was overwhelmingly supportive of the project.

Honda-san has been doing video games on YouTube for several years. Although he has only a few videos of actual games, he is known as a regular game enthusiast. He has a very strong following among game enthusiasts. Even videos in which he does not play games but just takes selfies and talks about popular games have received 9.5 million views.

The “kodo oji” men who still live at home and do not do much housework themselves seem to be shocked by her comments on TV, and some of them have been screaming, including self-deprecation, on the Internet. I think that’s because of the way the government is trying to make the world a better place,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

Speaking of Honda, his YouTube channel “Honda no Baiku” is a popular program with 2.18 million subscribers (as of March 22). Last June, FRIDAY reported on her nest egg love with a handsome research doctor.

At that time, too, there were many “lamentations” from fans on SNS and other social media. The fact that the reason for dating this doctor was actually an online game may have also been a no-no.

In this case, too, there were many jeering comments such as, “So he’s good-looking after all,” or “He’s going for the rich guy after all.

I think it’s just that the indoor fans feel sympathy for Mr. Honda and have a sense of camaraderie with him, but I don’t think Mr. Honda is that conscious of this group of fans.

This is evident in his dismissive way of saying, “It’s impossible for people to live without knowing that. You have not posted on YouTube yet this year. I have not updated it once. Perhaps he is thinking of changing course and changing his fan base…” (Entertainment reporter)

Popular entertainers, male or female, can make their fans yakety-yak with their words and actions. The day Honda gets married, the “Vassar loss” may spread even further…

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