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Zagitova’s “Too Cute in a Red Mini Dress” Shows Her Mixed Feelings

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I’m sure his feelings are mixed…

Russia’s Alina Zagitova, who has been silent on her Instagram account since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has recently begun posting again. This time, she showed off her beautiful red mini-dress, which has been attracting a lot of attention. She was praised as “so beautiful,” “how beautiful,” and “very flattering.”

Zagitova seems to have watched a ballet at the State Kremlin Palace. She sent her impressions along with photos.

What elegance and beauty. The movements of the ballerinas, the music, the costumes, the sets, everything creates a fantastic atmosphere that is hard to describe. It gave me a lot of inspiration and energy to work hard on my creation. I really enjoyed it.”

Zagitova, who won gold in women’s figure skating at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, is an Instagrammer with 1.13 million followers. She is also known as a pro-Japan person and has many Japanese fans. She participated in the Beijing Olympics last month as a reporter and uploaded daily updates on the event, so when she stopped posting, her fans were upset.

In the midst of all this, he wrote, “In times like these, it is important to cheer up our loved ones, even if just a little. Let’s make today a bright and kind day together. May you overcome any difficulties with patience, strength, and wisdom. Please continue to give your warmth and light to those around you,” she published the message and resumed her Instagram. Since then, she has been posting little by little.

Meanwhile, Russian authorities announced that they would block Instagram from the country. Since the invasion of Ukraine, the country has been tightening its control of information even more. The country is said to have 60 million Instagram users, and this is likely to have a major impact. Russia’s blocking of Western social media will further deepen the country’s international isolation. With many Western companies already deciding to shut down or withdraw their operations in Russia, there is concern that the lives of ordinary citizens will be disrupted in a variety of ways.

Zagitova, who must have mixed feelings about the war, has also begun posting on Telegram, a social networking service originating in Russia. Perhaps anticipating that she will not be able to update Instagram in the near future, she is posting as if enjoying the last moments of her life. We can only sincerely hope for a quick end to the war.

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