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Russian Model, Putin’s Most Outspoken Critic, “The Shuddering End After Her Disappearance”

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Mr. Bedler criticizing President Putin (from his social networking site)

What has been done? I believe what was done was right, but I can’t help but worry about my own safety.

Marina Ovsyannikova, 43, of the government-affiliated TV channel “First Channel,” who criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by holding up a paper with “NO WAR” written on it during a program broadcast, expressed her concerns when interviewed by the U.S. media outlet CNN on March 16.

A Moscow court ordered Ms. Ovshannikova to pay a fine of 30,000 rubles for calling for participation in an unauthorized anti-war demonstration on a social networking service, which was just passed on March 4. He is also charged under the Information Control Act, which cracks down on disinformation, and could face a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

Ms. Ovsyannikova is not the only one who has spoken out against the invasion of Ukraine. Six people, including popular anchors and announcers, left their jobs at “First Channel. The independent newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” has featured Ovsyannikova’s actions on its front page as if she were a hero.

In response to these developments, the Russian government is tightening its control. At anti-war demonstrations that have been held in various locations, many citizens have been taken away by the police simply for holding up a blank piece of paper ridiculing the silencing of speech. According to the human rights organization OVD Info, the number of people detained after the invasion of Ukraine has reached 15,000″ (reporter from the international section of a national newspaper).

Missing immediately after condemnation on social networking sites

President Vladimir Putin is detaining dissenting citizens and controlling their speech (Image: Reuters/Afro)

On March 15, a shocking revelation was made. According to U.S. television’s “Fox News” and the British newspaper “The Mirror,” a Russian model who had been critical of President Vladimir Putin had met a “horrifying end.

The person in the middle of the story is Greta Bedler, 23. In January of last year, Ms. Vedler took to her social networking site to vehemently criticize Vladimir Putin. She said, “He thinks he can do everything himself,” “What he does for Russia always fails,” and “I can only think of him as a psychopath.

A month later, Ms. Bedler suddenly disappears. She was found a year later, on March 15 of this year. Her body was found in a suitcase in the trunk of her car in the eastern Lipetsk region, 480 km from where she was last known to be alive.

The assailant arrested was a man of the same age who said he had been dating Ms. Bedler. They had quarreled over a money dispute, and he strangled her to death. He stated that the incident had nothing to do with his criticism of President Putin. He had been sending out messages from Ms. Bedler’s social network for some time after the murder, impersonating her in order to make it appear that she was still alive.

However, there are many mysteries. Why was the body left in the far eastern part of the country and not found for a year? What were her relatives and friends doing? Is the testimony of the boyfriend true? …… With anti-government activities on the rise, Bedollah, who repeatedly criticized President Putin, may have been made an example of. There is even such speculation.

There is no evidence that criticism of President Putin and Ms. Bedler’s case are related. However, it is certain that there are many suspicious aspects to her death. The truth is in the dark.

Ms. Bedler criticizing President Putin (from her social networking site)
Ms. Bedler criticizing President Putin (from her social networking site)
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