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Kanno & Sakai, Matsushima & Sorimachi… Two happy married couples of celebrities

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Sakai and Kanno playing in the park. Sakai was having fun on a swing.

Actor Masato Sakai, 48, will play the lead role for the first time in a long time.

He will play a good-natured con man in the drama “The Man Who Can’t Be Duped” (NTV), which will air on March 26, his first leading role in almost two years, since the July 2008 drama “Hanzawa Naoki” (TBS).

It is said that his wife, Miho Kanno (44), influenced his decision to star in the drama at NTV. Kanno is said to have been influenced by his wife, Miho Kanno, 44, who starred in “Working Man” (2007) and “My Daughter Can’t Get a Boyfriend! (21 years) and many other Nittele productions, so the pipeline is very thick.

Mr. Sakai and Ms. Kanno have a clear distinction between their official work and their family life. When Mr. Sakai is busy with “Hanzawa Naoki,” Ms. Kanno takes care of childcare and housework. Conversely, when Mr. Kanno’s schedule was filled with “My Daughter,” Mr. Sakai took care of the family.

Sakai and Kanno are not the only couple in the entertainment industry who have been called the “happily married couple” and who have been seen smiling and getting along well over the years. We would like to introduce a couple of happy celebrity couples, along with images of their two shots.

Background of Graduation from “Partners

Sorimachi at the wheel of his beloved car with Matsushima in the passenger seat. They remain close even as they enter their twilight years.

I am so happy that we were able to complete seven years without a hitch.”

Takashi Sorimachi (48), who graduated from the drama “Partners season 20” (TV Asahi) on the March 16 broadcast, made the following comment.

In the seventh episode of “season 20” broadcast last November, Mr. Sorimachi surpassed Yasufumi Terawaki, who had appeared in “season 7,” to become the “most-appeared sidekick of all time. When the cut was made for the final scene, he hugged Yutaka Mizutani, the lead actor, as if he was overcome with emotion. They presented each other with a bouquet of flowers, and the studio was filled with applause from the staff.

Behind Sorimachi’s graduation from his signature work “Partners” is his wife Nanako Matsushima (48).

Matsushima has appeared in the October2009drama “SUPER RICH” (Fuji TV), Suntory’s “Perfect Suntory Beer,” Taisho Pharmaceutical’s “Pabron,” Secom’s “Home Security,” the food delivery service “Uber Eats,” and many others. Appeared in commercials. This is because exposure is increasing rapidly.

Mr. Sorimachi has been 22 She has stated publicly that this is “Matsushima’s first year as an actress again. He appreciates and supports Matsushima’s talent as an actress more than anyone else. He has decided to support “Actress Matsushima” by taking charge of the household chores that he used to leave to his wife, and now he is going to support “Actress Matsushima. That is why he voluntarily withdrew from “Partners,” in which he had put so much effort.

The “loving couple” is not merely a matter of good chemistry. They have been able to build a good relationship over the years because they are full of consideration for each other.

Yosuke Eguchi and Chisato Moritaka, holding hands and looking at each other, were married in 1999.
Hiromi Nagasaku smiles as she walks with her husband, filmmaker Maro Naito, in Ginza, Tokyo, in May 2009.
In April 2009, Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo were walking with their fluffy dog in Ebisu, Tokyo.
Noritake Kinashi and his wife Narumi Yasuda walking in an upscale residential area in Tokyo on a night in September 2009.
A night in March 2008. Tomoko Yamaguchi and Toshiaki Karasawa walking down an alley in Arakicho, Yotsuya, Tokyo.
Noriyuki Higashiyama and Yoshino Kimura stand out at a large athletic event held at a prestigious private school in Tokyo in October 2006.
June 2006. Sakai and Kanno are on their way home with their beloved son in their arms after having a lot of fun at a park at dusk.
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