Putin’s defeat may be the end of “mistress” Kabayeva’s luxurious life in Switzerland. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Putin’s defeat may be the end of “mistress” Kabayeva’s luxurious life in Switzerland.

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Kabayeva is a former rhythmic gymnast who is alleged to be President Putin’s mistress. Currently living in Switzerland,…

The Russian dominance is about to be reversed in a big way at once.

The blitzkrieg invasion of Ukraine, which began with President Putin’s declaration of war, is showing signs of a prolonged campaign, unlike what was initially planned. President Putin had planned to end the operation between February 24 (local time), when he declared war, and the opening of the Beijing Paralympics on February 4, but the desperate resistance of the Ukrainian military has forced the two sides to fight even now that the Paralympics have come to a close.

Meanwhile, the international community, led by the United States and Europe, has agreed on economic sanctions against Russia. The currency, the ruble, is said to be in danger of defaulting, and this is having a serious impact on the lives of citizens.

The future of the war is unpredictable, but at the very least, the dark side of Putin’s “dictatorship” has been exposed to the world, and the administration will not be able to operate as it has in the past.

At the same time, criticism of those who were close to Putin has intensified. Sanctions are being imposed one after another on powerful oligarchs. Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of English Premier League soccer club Chelsea, has had his assets frozen and restrictions placed on the sale of his club by the British government.

According to the Daily Mail, he also owns the $600 million Solaris, a special-purpose ship equipped with a missile detection system, and the $1 billion Eclipse. Because of its battleship-class capabilities, the British government is said to be keeping a close eye on it.

International criticism is also mounting for Alina Kabayeva, a rhythmic gymnastics gold medalist at the ’04 Athens Olympics, who is reportedly President Putin’s mistress. Her “relationship” with President Putin was reported in a Russian tabloid in 2008, bringing it to light. Kabayeva is currently a mother of four children.

The father of the children is rumored to be President Vladimir Putin. However, if I were to speak out about it publicly, I am sure I would be purged. It was also the biggest taboo.

After retiring from competition, Kabaeva became the head of public relations for the Sochi Olympics in ’14. At the age of 31 at the time, she became an external member of the State Press Group, which controlled all Russian media, and later rose unusually high to become the group’s general manager.

However, the invasion of Ukraine has brought Kabayeva into the spotlight, and the siege against her is narrowing. Today, Kabayeva is said to be living in elegance with her children in a mansion in Lugano, a luxury resort in neutral Switzerland, not in Russia.

However, when this became widely known, Swiss citizens protested. According to the Ukrainian media “Dialog,” a Swiss citizens’ group started a petition drive demanding that the Federal Assembly strip Kabayeva of her nationality. The “C” is a word that means “to be.

 President Vladimir Putin’s mistress, a recognized war criminal, must be deported from Europe. A decisive step has been taken.

The report said. The number of signatures in support of the petition has already exceeded 40,000.

Kabayeva, through the TASS news agency, commented on the move to exclude Russia from the sporting world.

It is the most shameful thing in the history of world sport. The leaders of many international sports organizations have long engaged in totally unsportsmanlike conduct under various pretexts.

He had denounced the idea, but now the fire is coming down on him. The collected signatures are expected to be officially submitted to the Congress. In addition, the citizens’ group is calling for strict checks on the flow of money, including funds from the mansion where Kabayeva lives and the real estate she has purchased.

Switzerland is a neutral country, but together with the United States and Europe, it has frozen the funds of Russian VIPs. There is a possibility that unjustified Russian money is being used for Kabayeva’s celebrity lifestyle.

As President Putin’s influence declines, Kabayeva’s life is likely to change as well.

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