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Morning Drama “Come Come”… “Convincing Background” Why Yuka is Leading the Topic

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Yuka and Mr. & Mrs. Aoki strolling with their beloved child in Hiroo, Tokyo, photographed in May 2009.

Currently airing NHK morning drama “Come Come Everybody”. Actor Takataka Aoki ( 42 ) has made a surprisingly large splash in just a few appearances.

Aoki appeared in the drama on 3 March 3 The first episode was on April 1, 2012. It lasted only a few seconds, a brief moment in time. The Joei Film Village, where the main character Hinata (Rina Kawaei) works, was going to make a movie titled “Yokai Nanamihen,” and an audition was held to select an antagonist for the main character. Hinata’s boyfriend Bunshiro Igarashi (Kanata Hongo) also auditions, but is not selected. The film is completed and screened. Who will play the antagonist? …… ? Aoki was the one who appeared with wide-open eyes in the scene “I’m a little scared, but I’m a little scared.

…… And this is the only appearance of Aoki. However, the Internet was buzzing with “Surprise appearance!” Igarashi’s defeat was no surprise. Aoki’s aura of strength was on display.

Speaking of Aoki, his acting ability has always been acknowledged by everyone. 2016 In 2006, popular TV personality Yuka ( 41 After his marriage to his wife, his name recognition also began to catch up with his ability. He then went on to star in the film “Rurouni Kenshin The Final Chapter The Final The 21 (2006) and the drama “Jizumi ni sugoi! Review Girl Etsuko Kono” ( 16 In 2006, she appeared in a series of high-profile productions, such as Fuji Television Network’s “The Last of Us,” which became a major hit. This year NHK The drama “Kamakura-dono no 13 He is now fully established as a strong supporting player, playing the key role of Kiso Yoshinaka in the film “The Man.

The ability to “see through” hidden talent

So, on the contrary, it attracted the attention of his wife, Yuka. Eye for people The reason is. Speaking of Yuka. Teen. She has been in love since her teenage years. Among her lovers was a young Junichi Okada ( 41 and Satoshi Tsumabuki ( 41 ) and others are also known to be there. The two have since developed their acting talents and are now well-known to everyone as leading actors in Japan. This was followed by the breakthrough of her current husband, Takataka Aoki. Apparently, Yuka tends to be attracted to “men with hidden talent.

In fact, there is another woman who has this tendency. It is Erika Toda, herself a top actress ( 33 (See Figure 1.). She is also famous for being a woman in love. The men she has dated have all gone on to have big breaks. For example, Kenichi Matsuyama ( 37 (Kanji), who is now a much sought-after host, and Kanjani ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ Shingo Murakami ( 40 ), and even Tsuyoshi Ayano ( 40 and Narita Ryo ( 28 and so on. In any case, she has an outstanding sense of smell for finding men who are likely to grow in the future.

A reporter for a weekly magazine who is familiar with the entertainment industry had the following to say.

A reporter for a weekly magazine, who is familiar with the entertainment industry, said, “So many young actors were secretly hoping that Erika Toda would catch their attention. However, last year, she was spotted by actor Tori Matsuzaka ( 33 (2) The first time I saw him, he was married to a woman.

Until now, Toda has not made any particular effort to hide her own dating life. Therefore, she was often photographed on dating scenes by weekly magazines, and as a result, this boosted the other man’s name recognition. Of course, they were talented people to begin with, but the scoops with Toda seemed to have been the push they needed. I’m not sure.”

Kohei Matsushita, who played Toda’s husband in the drama ( 35 ), too, has also made a big breakthrough from a completely unknown place. Since dating will be impossible in the future, he will have to aim to date Toda on the basis of his role…?

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