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Popular Enka singer Takuya Nakazawa: “Two-Timing Muddy Trial” Behind Declaration of Relationship

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In September 2019, Nakazawa held a concert with Kenichi Mikawa as a guest. He was expected to be a prince of the enka world… (Photo: Sankei Shimbun)

Although Nakazawa had been in a dating relationship with Ms. A, during that period he had developed a male-female relationship with Ai Nishida, and when Ms. A found out about it, he unilaterally ended the relationship, which led to the lawsuit. The two sides have different stories–>

We had hoped to tell you this in our own time,” he said. It is unfortunate that the announcement came amidst all sorts of speculation, but we are serious about our relationship.”

He was the first of the “7th generation of enka” singers, a group of handsome singers in their 20s, to become popular in the enka world. He is one of the most promising newcomers.

She is with Ai Nishida, a beautiful enka singer seven years older than her, who at the time of her debut was the talk of the town for her I-cup swimsuit gravure. The marriage of two enka singers was expected to be celebrated by the entire industry, but in fact, Nakazawa had a big “problem” behind his dating declaration. A music industry insider revealed, “Nakazawa had a big “problem” behind her dating declaration.

Nakazawa’s love affair with a senior singer became known to another woman to whom he was engaged at the time, and she accused him on Twitter. In addition, a line exchange between Nakazawa and the senior singer with whom he had fallen in love that suggested a sexual relationship was also leaked.

When I wrote “various speculations” in the dating announcement, I probably meant this. However, the term “speculation” is a bit wild.

Ai Nishida, seven years Nakazawa’s senior (photo: Kyodo News)

First, let me briefly touch on Nakazawa’s background.

Most enka singers are exposed to enka from an early age, but in Nakazawa’s case, he was a high school student with a promising future in formula car racing. He gave up his dream of becoming a racing driver due to financial difficulties, but then he encountered singing and participated in “NHK Nodo Jiman”. He sang “Sakura (solo)” by Naotaro Moriyama and won the championship.

This led to her debut in January 2017. Since then, with her sweet mask and singing voice, she gained popularity not only among middle-aged and older people but also among women of her generation, and was also called “the prince of the enka world. On the other hand, he was said to have a bad habit with women, and rumors of a “trial” were circulating behind the scenes.

The “trial” refers to a lawsuit filed last year by Ms. A, a woman Nakazawa met at an event, alleging that she and Nakazawa were “engaged” but that the engagement was eventually broken and that she suffered emotional distress as a result of being played around with.

According to the complaint, Nakazawa met Ms. A around 2018 and developed a relationship with her. The relationship was long-distance, but Ms. A later became pregnant. However, Nakazawa, who had just made his debut, was concerned about his financial ability to support the child and asked Ms. A to have an abortion, to which Ms. A agreed (eventually, the pregnancy was switched to a miscarriage because it was discovered on the scheduled day of the abortion surgery). It is also stated that Nakazawa then visited Ms. A’s parents’ home and clearly expressed his intention to marry her to her mother….

According to the complaint, the two began dating on the premise of marriage. In the court record, it is also stated that the president of Nakazawa’s agency consulted a fortune teller about an auspicious day for them to live together and enter the registry, and it is not surprising that Ms. A thinks she is engaged to Nakazawa.

A screenshot of an exchange between Nakazawa and Nishida that appeared on a social networking service around June 2021. It has been filed in court.

However, it appears that Nakazawa was also dating Nishida during this period. This is because, in June 2021, Ms. A discovered that Nakazawa and Nishida were in a male-female relationship. Perhaps in an emotional state, Ms. A posted on the Internet a screenshot of a LINE exchange between Nakazawa and a woman she believed to be Ai Nishida. The contents were graphic and suggestive of a sexual relationship.

<I’ve got my period, by the way. Just to let you know.

<I’m glad you got it right. Sorry I let it in raw.

Thereafter, Nakazawa and Mr. A were in the process of breaking up a fight, and their engagement relationship was also dissolved. After this, Ms. A, who was angry at the lack of sincerity, filed a lawsuit against Nakazawa in July of last year. The case has continued to the present day.

On the other hand, Nakazawa’s side claims that they were in a relationship with Ms. A, but that they were never engaged. The court record states the following to the effect that


<In February 2020, he proposed to Ms. A that they live together first, and that if they both agreed to marry, they would meet with their parents and then get engaged and get married. He never gave me a clear answer about his preparations for moving to Tokyo.

Nakazawa’s argument seems to be that Ms. A’s simmering attitude was the cause of the dissolution of the relationship.

We can only wait and see what the court will decide, but the repercussions are quietly spreading. Perhaps taking this situation seriously, the record company that has supported Nakazawa since his debut in 2017 terminated his contract with them at the end of October last year. The company declined to give a reason for the termination, saying in an interview with this magazine, “We will refrain from giving a response from the standpoint of confidentiality obligations,” but given the timing, there is no doubt that the trial had an impact on the company’s decision.

In addition, the president of Nakazawa’s agency acknowledged that he was in court with Ms. A. He also said, “We are in court, so we cannot answer at this time” about the fact that Nakazawa had a male-female relationship with Nishida during her relationship with Ms. A and that the president himself proposed a potential date for the enrollment to Ms. A. He limited himself to answering.

However, an industry insider familiar with enka (traditional Japanese balladry) told us, “The only thing I know about enka is that it is a popular form of Japanese balladry.

I heard from a source at Nakazawa’s former record company that Nakazawa had reportedly told them that he was getting married in January of last year. The woman he was dating at that time was not Nishida but Ms. A. The record company is also angry that Nakazawa betrayed them as a result.

If this story is true, it means that the contracted record company reported to Nakazawa and Ms. A as if they were going to get married, while at the same time having a male-female relationship with Nishida, leading to this dating declaration. Nakazawa’s morals as a person may be questioned regarding this series of events.

On the day Nakazawa declared his relationship, Nishida also posted the following on his Twitter page.

<I have spent more time with him, who is considerate to others and sincere about his work, and I have more time to be myself.

If Nakazawa’s “consideration for others,” as Nishida describes it, or in other words, his sincere behavior, had been directed toward Ms. A and other women, at least, the case would not have developed into a trial. In the world of enka lyrics, such a bold way of life may be acceptable, but it is not acceptable in reality at least. The next trial, the fifth, is scheduled for April.

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