Risa Hirako, the original beauty queen, is in a steady relationship with her “rumored boyfriend” at the scene! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Risa Hirako, the original beauty queen, is in a steady relationship with her “rumored boyfriend” at the scene!

In the shadow of her ex-husband Eisaku Yoshida's remarriage, she showed off her sexy see-through lingerie last fall, and is now in her 50s, "in love and at work" at the top of her game.

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Heiko drives out from her apartment with Murai. FRIDAY also confirmed that Murai was seen driving Hirako home on other days.

One day in late February, when the weather turned spring-like. A little after 1:00 p.m., a luxury car pulled out of a condominium in an upscale residential area of Tokyo. In the passenger seat, checking her appearance with a compact mirror in hand, was model Risa Hirako, 51.

She just celebrated her 51st birthday in February. When she posted a photo of herself on Instagram on her birthday, she received many comments from her more than 230,000 followers.” The popularity of the “original beauty witch” is alive and well,” says a fashion magazine writer.

The car was driven by actor Katsuyuki Murai, 52.’ He is the partner whom FRIDAY scooped on a “trip to Atami” with Hirako and others in 2003. They went out by car, and around Harajuku (Shibuya Ward), Hirako got out and Murai drove off alone in the direction of his apartment. A little past 5:00 p.m., Hirako returned to the apartment alone in a cab with a shopping bag in her hand.

When FRIDAY reported their trip to Atami in 2003, Hirako was still married to her ex-husband, Eisaku Yoshida (53). Even before that, however, she had often been reported to be in a relationship with Murai.

Because she and Yoshida had not yet divorced, Hirako’s office desperately tried to put out the fire about her relationship with Murai. When a women’s magazine reported that the two had secretly met in an apartment separate from their home, she refuted the report, saying that the apartment was a costume room and office, and that Murai was only her business partner.

FRIDAY also witnessed the couple “living together” in the apartment and going out for meals and shopping on numerous occasions. However, their agency responded that they were neither dating nor living together. However, things have changed dramatically since then.

Heiko and Yoshida announced their divorce shortly after the FRIDAY article appeared. In ’18, Yoshida’s love affair with actress Rina Uchiyama (40), 13 years younger than him, was reported in a sports newspaper. As you know, Yoshida announced her remarriage to Uchiyama last November”.

Behind the scenes, it seems that Hirako was also continuing a steady relationship with Murai. The apartment where they drove out at the beginning of the article was the same apartment where FRIDAY had once witnessed them “living together” many times.

Heiko’s work is going well. Last fall, she published a shot of herself wearing see-through underwear from the Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi on her own Instagram, which drew a huge response. Although she does not currently belong to any entertainment agency, it seems that Ms. Heiko’s side is actively approaching her old acquaintances in the TV and publishing industries, asking them to do some work for her” (writer, above).

When we contacted Hirako at her work address listed on her Instagram and asked her about her relationship with Mr. Murai and her future, she replied, “He and I have been friends for a long time, but we started dating officially in January ’21, partly because we really hit it off. As for marriage, we are not thinking about it at this time.

The “original beauty witch is doing well in both love and work. The “goal line” may not be far behind.

Heiko celebrated her 51st birthday in February.” It has been more than 10 years since she made her breakthrough as the “original beauty witch,” and her popularity is still going strong.
Risa Hirako is in a steady relationship with her “rumored boyfriend.
Risa Hirako is in a steady relationship with her “rumored boyfriend.

From the March 25, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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