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Sayaka Kanda and Takehisa Maeyama “January 11 Marriage” that never took place

Three months after his sudden death, their "true relationship" is revealed for the first time: a proposal at a reserved 50,000 yen dinner, a 1.4 million yen Tiffany engagement ring, and a marriage certificate they wrote together. ......

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Sayaka (left) and Maeyama in their earlier days. They started dating on the premise of marriage and soon became semi-living together at her home.

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〈We sincerely appreciate your cooperation with the necessary documents and deliveries. We hope to be able to make this happen wherever we can come to terms with Mr. Tsuyohisa’s feelings.

Please take care of your family as the cold weather continues. I will spend my time supporting My Fair Lady, Piaf, and Mr. Gohisa.

Sayaka Kanda

It was early December of last year when the letter was delivered.

The recipient was the mother of actor Takehisa Maeyama (31). The “necessary documents” and “notification” were supposed to be used for procedures for Maeyama and Sayaka Kanda to start a new life together. About two weeks after this, Sayaka closed her life of 35 years.

Five days after Sayaka’s death, Shukan Bunshun, a weekly magazine, published the contents of the “suicide note” that Sayaka is said to have left behind. In its next issue, the magazine published an article titled “Sayaka Kanda: The Abusive Voice of Her Lover,” which suggested that Sayaka committed suicide because of her lover’s abusive words.

However, an acquaintance of the magazine said, “This is different from what Gohisa told me.

The article said that the suicide note was addressed to Gohisa, but no one has seen the actual letter. Not even the police. Gohisa’s outburst took place on the morning of December 16. On that day, he was supposed to have voice training and then leave for Hokkaido for a performance of “My Fair Lady” in Sapporo, but Sayaka wouldn’t let him go with his carry-on bag and he was unable to leave the house.

At the time, they were looking for an apartment to live together, but he did not like the apartment, which he was supposed to have signed a contract with her approval, and demanded that she ‘call the real estate agent right now and cancel the contract,’ and they argued. But …… they were supposed to have made up after that.”

The magazine obtained LINE communication from December 16 to the 18th, the day of Sayaka’s death.

Sayaka apologized for her behavior, and Maeyama gently followed up with her. The two talked about going out to eat delicious food in Sapporo – and so on.

Sayaka confessed her feelings for Maeyama and they began dating, but since that time the two have clashed many times. Gohisa’s ex-girlfriend had been slammed on the Internet, but in fact Sayaka had a girlfriend as well. Gohisa was shocked when he was informed later. Still, Gohisa was serious, so he immediately began the process of selling his apartment and started looking for a place to live with Sayaka.

They had a big fight over the choice of property many times, but they overcame it. It was because their desire to marry each other was genuine. Gokyu must have thought they would get over it this time, too.

Maeyama bought an engagement ring. They signed and sealed the marriage certificate and greeted their families and relatives with wedding greetings.

The first part of the letter was written by Sayaka to Maeyama’s mother. In it, she apologized for taking it out on Maeyama for suffering from dysphonia, expressed her love for Maeyama and gratitude to his family, and described the future she dreams of.

Gokyu had booked a proposal dinner for December 21. We had already set a date to join the registry and start our new married life. ……” (Maeyama’s relatives)

What was written in Sayaka’s letter? On line, what kind of communication did they have? Why did Maeyama try to propose on December 21? Today’s issue of Friday reports the details.

(Details of their LINE communication, Sayaka’s letter, etc. are reported in “FRIDAY GOLD”. For more information, please see Click here. )

Sayaka’s letter to Maeyama’s mother apologizing for her instability, her love for Maeyama, and her dreams for the future
Wearing matching white sweaters, they went to Tokyo DisneySea in early December last year to snap a photo in front of the limited-time-only objet d’art celebrating the 20th anniversary.
One month before her sudden death, Sayaka left the “Imperial Theatre” with light steps as if she were dancing. She was practicing with a smile on her face.
Unpublished cut of Sayaka Kanda’s “Dance with a Smile” one month before her sudden death

From the April 1-8, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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