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Paid Memberships Also Started “Garcy CH” Faces a “Real Significant Moment”.

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The number of subscribers to “Garcy CH” has exceeded 700,000. Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya also opened a separate paid channel… (from YouTube channel)

No entertainment news outlet can compete.

The number of subscribers to the YouTube channel “Yoshikazu Azumaya’s Garcy Channel [Behind the Showbiz World]” has been increasing with each passing episode, surpassing 700,000 (as of March 17).

Why is Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya, who has “attended” to numerous entertainers over the past 27 years, revealing the inside stories of the entertainers he has interacted with? To briefly explain, some weekly magazines reported at the end of last year that Mr. Higashitani was the one who took travel expenses and other expenses from women who said they would meet BTS.

The article was anonymous, but popular YouTuber Hikaru exposed the story, and according to him

I lost everything.”

He said, “I am a very good friend of the company. Some of the entertainers we were taking care of lost contact with us and left us as if we had turned our hand against them. He said he could not forgive them and was getting back at them.

He also says that the proceeds from the video streaming will be used to reimburse the victims.

That is how “Garcy Ch” began, and it has taken YouTube by storm. The total number of views of the videos distributed so far exceeds 20 million.

In fact, it is not only the netizens who are supporting Garcy’s popularity. People who have never been interested in YouTube or the Internet before are subscribing to his channel one after another after hearing the rumors.

Of course, the “industry viewership” is also quite high. There is probably no one in the entertainment industry, weekly magazines, sports papers, television, or other media who has not subscribed to the channel,” said a reporter for a weekly magazine.

Why is Gershey so supportive? It is because the stories he tells behind the scenes seem to have credibility…. He says he will not tell an unverified story, and the fact that the targeted celebrity’s work has been affected in some way makes viewers more confident that the stories he exposes are true.

This is not to say that there have not been TV shows and Youtube shows that showcase behind-the-scenes stories of celebrities. However, many of them did not give their real names and backstories. In order to avoid problems with entertainment agencies, they gave initials or appropriate clues and left the identification of the person to the viewer’s guess.

While this was fine for those who enjoyed guessing from initials and clues, many viewers became frustrated and dissatisfied and even complained to the TV station.” Scenes in which the performers overheard each other about the initials person and were deliberately surprised were often seen on information programs, but it was pointed out that it left the viewer out of the loop, and now the initials backstory has been eliminated. However, it has been pointed out that viewers are left out of the loop, and now there are no longer backstage stories using initials.

If the names are real names, viewers will not be frustrated and will feel refreshed. On the other hand, with initials, it is doubtful how credible the story itself is, and it is impossible to verify it. The person who exposed the story can get away with it as much as he/she wants, and there is no risk.

However, if the person who reveals his or her real name, he or she must be prepared to take some kind of risk, and there is no escape. This is where we can sense Gershwin’s “determination and resolve. That is why the viewers are rooting for him.

In addition to the nearly 100 male actors and celebrities named, he says he will divulge their back stories to actresses, musicians, and even athletes. So far, the talent side has found no way to stop him, and Gershwin’s march is likely to continue for some time yet. I think both the number of subscribers and the number of views will grow even more….

On the other hand, a reporter for a weekly magazine said he senses a stall in the market.

The content of the behind-the-scenes stories is still limited to male celebrities and actors, but there is a lot of talk about female relationships, and it’s a little bit of a turn-off. Viewers are expecting stories about popular idols and big names, not stories about people who are known to be playful. If it’s about women, no one will bite if there are no unexpected women in the story. If it is a model or celebrity whose name you have never heard of, it is difficult to keep their attention.

Sorry to use Becky and Masahiro Higashide as examples, but many people in the public know Becky and Masahiro Higashide, and their affairs were talked about because they were unexpected. It is hard to say that the people whose back stories Mr. Azumaya is now exposing are all well-known celebrities. It’s only a matter of time before they get bored unless they reveal some big names or startling episodes.”

In addition, Azumaya’s new membership has been met with some antipathy from viewers.

If it’s a great story, it’ll make the news later anyway, so I don’t bother paying to watch it.
You say it’s about revenge, but in the end it’s all about the money.

The following posts began to become noticeable.

Although the number of anti-gers is increasing, they are still hoping for big names to appear on “Gershi-ch” and for some surprising episodes to be presented. Will Garcy continue to live up to their expectations?

  • Interview and text Hiroyuki Sasaki, Entertainment Journalist

    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, he became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31. During his time at FRIDAY, he reported numerous scoops and continued to work mainly for weekly magazines. Currently he also appears on TV and radio as a commentator.

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